The Story of my Life
Louise Virginia (Weir) Frasier

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Do You Remember? 

              Mama wrote the story of her life for her grandchildren and their children and their children…   

            Mama thought her life was over when Daddy died, but it wasn’t.  She still had two daughters to finish raising.  She thought her life was over when those two daughters married and started their own families, but it wasn’t.  I think she thought her life was over in 1991 when she finished writing this book, but it wasn’t.  Mama has discovered that life goes on and realized that when she is gone, her life and Daddy’s life will go on through their ten children and their children and their children… 

            Since Mama wrote the story of her life in 1991 she has seen more great grandchildren born.  Now she has thirty-two great grandchildren as well as thirty-two grandchildren.  Some of the great grandchildren are teenagers in high school and I think Mama has decided to hang around to see who has the first great-great grandchild. 

            Time does not stand still and Mama has lost loved ones since 1991.  She has lost three sisters: Lillian, Mary Will, and Dora – one brother-in-law; Richard Davis – one son-in-law: Roy McGee – and her oldest granddaughter: Karen Platt.  She also lost Daddy’s brother, Lee and his sister, Belle, who was closer than a sister to Mama.

             When I became interested in genealogy research, Mama had already forgotten the names of her great grandparents – if she ever knew.  It has been a struggle to re-establish the connection.  But more important than losing the names is losing the culture.  When we are born we are a clean slate, but by the time we are grown up we are the sum of ourselves, our parents, our grandparents, out great grandparents, our great great … 

            So where we came from is just as important as where we are going.  A hundred years from now Mama’s great…. Grandchildren may wander what REAL life was like two hundred years ago.  They may find a copy of this book and begin to understand their own culture a little better from learning a little about ours'.  Those grandchildren will thank the ancestor who took the time to talk to them across the years. 

                That is the reason Mama wrote the story of her life.  She wants her children and grandchildren to continue with the story of her future.

                As Mama wrote her book she remembered things that she thought was important to write down but did not fit into the book.  Those pages are listed below and by clicking the name you can read those things that Mama thought was important to remember.  Then by clicking "Do You Remember" on the left you will be returned to this page. 

A Real Family Teenage Entertainment
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Black Eye (Shiner)      Box Suppers
White Buffalo  
Mt. Taylor  

Carrie (Frasier) Smith
                   June 15, 2011