The Story of my Life
Louise Virginia (Weir) Frasier

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St. Elmo's Fire Or UFOs?


             I had forgotten this till about five years ago.  I was in Flintville and Evelyn and Marius were there too.  They had their grandchildren and we went for a ride around the old places.  Going from Holman’s Chapel to our house Evelyn said, “There’s where we saw the Saint Elmo’s fire”.  Then I suddenly remembered….

             It was bout 11 O’clock at night.  About fifteen of us were walking.  It was a very dark night.  Then we all saw “it” or “them” or whatever.  Twelve balls of light about half as big as an inflated hot air balloon. 

             It looked like they were playing some kind of game like follow the leader or hop scotch.  They were eight or ten feet off the ground.  They were clear white and all the same size.  We stood and watched for several minutes.  Not a sound was heard.  Then suddenly they all went up in a straight line one behind the other.  They disappeared instantly. 

             Of-course we’d never heard of UFOs but we had heard of signs or warnings.  The next day Grandma Weir died.


 Louise Weir Frasier
January 1, 1992