The Story of my Life
Louise Virginia (Weir) Frasier

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          Talk about fun!  Saw a 6 to 8 inch tree off about 6 feet from the ground.  Drive an iron peg into the middle of the stump.  Saw a pole about 16 feet long.  Bore a hole in it in the middle with about 8 feet on each end.  Put the pole onto the iron peg (use lots of axle grease!). 

           Then get on and take a ride.  Talk about roller coasters or thrill rides!  You havenít taken a thrill ride unless youíve ridden a FLYING JENNY made by your father.

  Louise Weir Frasier
January 1, 1992


-- This device was originally used to turn the stone wheel which ground the corn at a grist mill.  A mule was used to turn the wheel and a female mule is a Jenny.  And there you have the logic behind the name "Flying Jenny" --
Carrie Smith