The Story of my Life
Louise Virginia (Weir) Frasier

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             Where’s the thimble…  Everyone sat down and cupped their hands.  “It” had a thimble and went around to everyone pretending to put the thimble in each hand.  Then everyone guessed who had the thimble.  The one who finally guessed was “it” next time.

             Gossip… Everyone got in a circle.  One person wrote a one sentence statement on a piece of paper and then told the first person in the circle what they had written.  That person whispered to the next.  The whisper went all around the circle and the last person wrote it down.  The two statements were never the same.  Often it was a completely different subject.

             Going to Texas… The first person was going to Texas taking something that began with “A” such as, “I’m going to Texas and I’m taking an apple.  The next person had to start with a B and repeat what A was taking.  By the time you got to Z you were taking 26 things you had to remember.  If you missed one you had to drop out.

             A variation was that you had to take something that began with the last letter in the word.  If someone took a book you had to take something that began with K.  You always had to repeat what everybody was taking.               



Louise Weir Frasier
January 1, 1992