The Story of my Life
Louise Virginia (Weir) Frasier

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            Some parents would not let their children have friends over for parties of any kind.  But my parents gave parties of all kind for us and let us go to most of the ones at other people’s houses.

             Barn dances…  We never actually danced in the barn but in the parlors of houses.  We did square dancing but we didn’t call it dancing and we had no callers.  Every body got in a big circle, held hands and sang.  One song we danced to was Skip-to-Ma-Loo My Darling.  Everybody danced and kicked up their heels….whirling around in a circle.  Sometimes everybody would drop out except for four couples.  Most of us were Baptist and you could get turned out of the Church for dancing, so therefore we did not dance.

             There would be anywhere from eighteen to thirty teenagers and some younger children for almost everyone had large families and a younger brother or sister had to go with the girls, even if we actually had a date (especially then).  That’s the reason I was with Buford on his first real date.  He was fifteen and the girl was seventeen.  Her thirteen-year-old brother had to go with her so they got me to go too.  We went in the buggy and there was only room on the seat for two so the girl’s brother sat on Buford’s lap and I sat on the girl’s lap.

  Louise Weir Frasier

January 1, 1992