The Story of my Life
Louise Virginia (Weir) Frasier

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Hot nights on the farm.

           You can see far off lightening…might hear the thunder booming.  Everyone is lazy.   

            We, the teenagers have walked to church.  Seems the moon is always shining, even the stars are bright.  The Milkyway is a band of light across the sky.  We see the airplane search lights from Huntsville.  We’re afraid.  Those are new.  We haven’t heard of them before.   

            The whippoorwill is calling.  The owl is hooting again.  We walk home.  Boys with girls, sometimes we kiss good night.  We go in the house.  Mama says, “latch the screen”. 

         “It must be going to rain.  Everything is so quiet and I feel moisture in the air”.  Do you see the ring around the moon?  There is one star inside the ring.  That means it will rain tomorrow, or if there are 4 stars inside the ring it will rain in 4 days.  We sure do need a nice rain to cool things off. 


 Now I lay me down to sleep.

 I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

 If I should die before I wake. 

I pray the Lord my soul to take.

God Bless everyone.  Amen.


Louise Weir Frasier
 January 1, 1992