The Story of my Life
Louise Virginia (Weir) Frasier

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              Spin the Bottle… Everybody sat in the circle.  One couple sat in the middle and spun the bottle around.  The couple the neck pointed to had to do whatever they were told to do.  Then they were “it”.  Or another version was only one person was “it”.  Whoever the bottle pointed to was supposed to kiss “it”.  Then the next time they were in the circle and they were “it”. 

             Who, Where, What, and When…Two couples had to write on paper.  One person wrote a name, one wrote a place, one wrote a time and one wrote an action.  When these were read the person called had to do what was said.  Nothing nasty could be said.  A couple might have to walk around the house with their arms around one another five times.  Or the girl might have to walk by herself while he hung upside down on a tree.  Or they might have to kiss or pull off a shoe, or sing a song, or look at one another and not laugh.  This was great fun.

             Simon Says… Even adults and little kids played this.  One person was Simon.  He’d say, “Open your mouth”, or  “Simon says open your mouth”.  You only did what ever silly thing they said do when “Simon says”.  The first person caught was “it” next time.


Louise Weir Frasier
January 1, 1992