The Story of my Life
Louise Virginia (Weir) Frasier

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Bed Bugs



                 Now I think I'll write about bed bugs.  These were good-sized soft bugs.  Stink!  Some houses smelled like bed bugs.

                The bed bugs sucked the blood while you were sleeping.  Then they hid in the day or when the lights were on.  They hid in the corners of the pillows and the corners of the mattresses.  Everybody had big old heavy oak or maple or some other wooden bedsteads.  The bugs had places to hide in those.  They hid in the walls of houses.  People put the legs of the bedsteads in cans of kerosene.

            Nothing would get rid of a bad infestation of bed bugs!

            Then during World War II DDT was discovered.  DDT would kill the bed bugs.  Of-course by then a lot of people had burned the wooden bedsteads and used brass or metal.  That helped some.


   Louise Weir Frasier
   January 1, 1992