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Welcome to Our Family 
             This web site is dedicated to my family.  It is my memorial to those who went before.  By gathering information about my ancestors and researching times and places I hope to make them live again - at least in my heart and these pages.
I have included only a few of the many family group sheets that I've accumulated and as time passes I will be adding more.  The group sheets can be accessed through the Name Index   option.
 I have also included wills and pension transcripts and other information that may be of interest.  These pages can be accessed through the Bonus Pages option as well as through the Name Index.  I plan to add more Bonus Pages as time allows and ambition strikes. 
I hope you enjoy browsing.  If you have problems accessing anything on these pages feel free to email me.  I'd also like to know if you found this site helpful.  You may also make suggestions.

Who you are depends on who your ancestors were.

Thank you for visiting my site

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