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William Ricketson  And Elizabeth Mott


1. WILLIAM1 RICKETSON was born May 13, 1636 in England, and died Mar 1, 1690/91 in Dartmouth, MA. He married ELIZABETH MOTT May 14, 1679 in Dartmouth, Bristol, MA, daughter of ADAM MOTT and MARY LOTT. She was born Aug 6, 1659 in Portsmouth, Newport Co, RI, and died 1723 in Portsmouth, Newport Co, RI.


William Ricketson was a Quaker and a carpenter. He was the earliest and maybe the only Ricketson to come to colonial US. He came to (or was born in) Portsmouth, Rhode Island and later moved to Dartmouth, MA. He was the son of Elizabeth who may have been a widow. He may have been of English descent but no one knows for sure. Various spelling of the Ricketson name in America include: Rickerson, Richeson, Rickitson. Or he may have been the son of "Ricketts".

P.R.20. - private record, from the John Ricketson family Bible, in the possession of the Old Dartmouth Historical Society in New Bedford

Death Date: 1691
Burial Place: Dartmouth
Source: Vital Records of Dartmouth
Complete Record: William, Mar. I, 1691. ["one of the original proprietors of Old Dartmouth," husband of Elizabeth (d. Adam Mort Jr.), P.R.20.]|P59|p

**Note: Original documents of the proprietors of Old Dartmouth list the 32 original proprietors and does not include William Ricketson. Some sources mention 34 original proprietors but do not list them.

Ricketson, William, Dartmouth, son of Elizabeth who may have been a widow residing there, by wife Elizabeth had Rebecca, b. 14 May, 1681; John, 11 Feb. 1683; Elizabeth 1 Sept. 1684; William, 26 Feb. 1686; Jonathan, 7 Apr. 1688; and Timothy, 22 Jan. 1690; and d. 1 ar. 1691.


Occupation: Carpenter
Religion: Quaker

Notes for ELIZABETH MOTT: - Family Data Collection - Births.
Mott, Elizabeth
Father: Mott , Adam
Mother: Lott , Mary
Birth Date: 6 August 1659
City: Dartmouth
County: Bristol
State: MA
Country: USA

Elizabeth's father, Adam Mott immigrated to the colonies in 1635 at the age of 12. He came with his father, Adam, step mother Sarah Jennings and siblings.  Her mother, Mary Lott,  was the daughter of Sarah (Jennings) Lott, step-sister to Adam Mott.

Four years after the death of William in 1691she married Matthew Wing. Matthew was 14 years younger than Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Matthew Wing had three children: Benjamin, Joseph, and Abigail.


2. i. REBECKAH2 RICKETSON, b. May 14, 1681, Dartmouth, Bristol, MA; d. Mar 21, 1750/51, Dartmouth, Bristol, MA.

ii. JOHN RICKETSON, b. Feb 11, 1682/83, Portsmouth, Newport, RI; d. Jan 27, 1703/04, Dartmouth, Bristol, MA.

3. iii. ELIZABETH RICKETSON, b. Sep 17, 1684, Dartmouth, Bristol, MA; d. Feb 11, 1731/32, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA.

4. iv. WILLIAM RICKETSON, JR, b. Feb 26, 1685/86, Dartmouth, Bristol, MA; d. Dartmouth, Bristol, MA.

5. v. JONATHAN RICKETSON, b. Apr 7, 1688, Dartmouth MA; d. Oct 16, 1768, Dartmouth MA.

vi. TIMOTHY RICKETSON, b. Jan 22, 1688/89, Dartmouth, Bristol, MA; d. 1711, At Sea.

Generation No. 2

2. REBECKAH2 RICKETSON (WILLIAM1) was born May 14, 1681 in Dartmouth, Bristol, MA, and died Mar 21, 1750/51 in Dartmouth, Bristol, MA. She married JOHN RUSSELL Apr 5, 1704 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA, son of JOSEPH RUSSELL and ELIZABETH ??. He was born Nov 29, 1679 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA, and died 1767.


i. PHEBE3 RUSSELL, b. Aug 23, 1724; d. Nov 3, 1770; m. JOHN RICKETSON, Aug 23, 1744; b. 1720, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; d. May 8, 1794.

ii. ELIZABETH RUSSELL, b. Apr 19, 1705, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA.

iii. REBECCA RUSSELL, b. Jul 23, 1706, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA.


Probably died young since she had a sister Rebecca born in 1722.

iv. BETHIA RUSSELL, b. Dec 19, 1707, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA.


Probably died young.

v. JOHN RUSSELL, b. Jan 16, 1709/10.

vi. DANIEL RUSSELL, b. Dec 15, 1711; d. 1772.

vii. BENJAMIN RUSSELL, b. Dec 18, 1713; d. Mar 10, 1728/29.

viii. ZERVIAH RUSSELL, b. Jul 24, 1715; d. 1782.

ix. JOANNA RUSSELL, b. Mar 18, 1717/18; d. Apr 4, 1729.

x. TIMOTHTY RUSSELL, b. Nov 16, 1719.

xi. REBECCA RUSSELL, b. Nov 16, 1719.


3. ELIZABETH2 RICKETSON (WILLIAM1) was born Sep 17, 1684 in Dartmouth, Bristol, MA, and died Feb 11, 1731/32 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA. She married DANIEL WOOD, son of WILLIAM WOOD and MARTHA EARLE. He died 1758.

Notes for ELIZABETH RICKETSON: - Family collection
Name: Daniel Wood
Spouse: Eliza Ricketson
Parents: William Wood , Martha Earle
Birth Place: Bristol, Dartmouth, MA
Birth Date: 1681
Marriage Date: 17 October 1705


i. WILLAIM3 WOOD, b. May 20, 1706; m. HANNAH HOWLAND.

ii. ELIZABETH WOOD, b. Jan 26, 1708/09; d. Apr 17, 1778.

iii. MARTHA WOOD, b. Apr 13, 1712.

iv. REBECCA WOOD, b. Jul 4, 1715; d. Bef. 1757.

v. DANIEL WOOD, JR., b. Mar 27, 1720; d. 1755.


4. WILLIAM2 RICKETSON, JR (WILLIAM1) was born Feb 26, 1685/86 in Dartmouth, Bristol, MA, and died in Dartmouth, Bristol, MA. He married MERIBAH SLOCUM. She was born Apr 28, 1689 in Dartmouth, Bristol, MA.


Name: RICKETSON, William
Birth Date: 1686
Birthplace: Massachusetts
Volume: 146
Page Number: 160
Reference: A genealogical dict. of the first settlers of New England, showing three generations of those who came before May, 1692. By James Savage. Boston. 1861. (4v.)v.3:540


i. JOHN3 RICKETSON, b. Jun 18, 1709, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; d. Jun 21, 1709, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA.

ii. MARY RICKETSON, b. Mar 10, 1712/13, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA.

iii. ELIZABETH RICKETSON, b. Mar 17, 1714/15, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; d. 1794.

iv. ELEPHEL RICKETSON, b. Apr 7, 1722, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA.

v. WILLIAM RICKETSON III, b. May 19, 1722.


Married Hannah Russell?

vi. CULBUD RICKETSON, b. Sep 4, 1724.


Born September 25, 1725?

vii. JOANNA RICKETSON, b. Sep 25, 1725.

viii. MERIBAH RICKETSON, b. May 5, 1729.


5. JONATHAN2 RICKETSON (WILLIAM1) was born Apr 7, 1688 in Dartmouth MA, and died Oct 16, 1768 in Dartmouth MA. He married ABIGAIL HOWLAND Jul 10, 1710 in Dartmouth, Bristol, MA, daughter of BENJAMIN HOWLAND and JUDITH SAMPSON. She was born Nov 3, 1686 in Dartmouth MA, and died Jan 15, 1769 in Dartmouth MA.


Source: Grace Williamson Edes.
"William Ricketson was a yeoman, or farmer, and a cordwainer.

"Sep 15, 1708 two Friends  were appointed  to enquire of Jonathan Ricketson concerning his laying his Intention of his marriage before the meeting. And they having spoken with him, do make report to the meeting that he saith he doth not intend to lay Intention of Marriage before the Monthly Meeting, but he saith he thinks it no sin to be married otherwise.

"May 17,  1710. Jonathan Ricketson and Abigail Howland were condemned by the meeting.

"Aug 19, 1724. The following paper was read and approved by the meeting: "To the Monthly Meeting of Friends to be held on ye 16th. day of 9th. month 1724 in Dartmouth. "Wheras we in 1710 proceeded in marriage contrary to the good order of Friends whereof we do condemn out outgoings, and count ourselves justly Denied and do desire that God would forgive us and that friends would pass it by so that we may be in unity with them again.
Jonathan Ricketson
Abigail Ricketson"
"This humble petition was accepted and the erring pair were restored to the membership of the meeting.

"On 9 April, 1756, Jonathan Ricketson sold a portion of his homestead to his son Abner, but the deed of sale was not signed until 12 October 1763, which the signature reads "Jonathan and Alys." evidently an error, as Abigail survived her husband." **kAbigail could very well be mistaken for Alys in the old handwriting.


i. TIMOTHY3 RICKETSON, SR., b. Feb 18, 1709/10, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; d. 1786, Richmond Co., GA; m. (1) BATHSHBA WILBUR, Feb 3, 1730/31, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; b. Aug 22, 1720, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; d. Bet. 1767 - 1786; m. (2) MARTHA, Aft. 1767; d. Aft. 1786.


Timothy Ricketson and his wife Bathsheba Wilbur were born in Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA. They were Quakers and in 1745 they requested a certificate to transfer to Nine Partners Monthly Meeting in Dutchess Co, NY. Before they moved charges were brought against Timothy because he tried to collect on a bond which had already been paid. A committee was appointed to investigate the charge which resulted in Timothy being disowned two years later after he had moved to NY. In 1748 Timothy made a trip back to MA to sell land he still owned. The next year he sold part of his land in Nine Partners in Crum Elbow, NY. In 1754 the High Sheriff of Dutchess Co, NY seized all the rest of Timothy's property for debt.

At this time Timothy moved to North Caroline leaving some of his children in New York. In 1765/67 he made a trip to Nova Scotia with his son Abednego. While Abednego stayed in Nova Scotia, Timothy returned to North Carolina and later moved to Richmond Co, GA.

Timothy left a will in Richmond Co, GA. in 1786. He named his wife Martha, children: Timothy, Marmaduke, Abigail Laughtrip. He Names grandson, Jordain (son of Jordan). He names Abigail's five children: Hulda, Bathsheba, Mary, John and Benjamin.

From William Ricketson and his Descendants by Grace Williamson Edes

Timothy Ricketson was a yeoman and in one deed is called a "merchant".

Entried from Dartmouth Monthly Meeting Record:

On 17th. March, 1734 the widow of Benjamin Wilbur brought in an account of legacies given daughter "Rickerson".

2nd. mo. 1745 Dartmouth Monthly Meeting Record: And Timothy Ricketson hath requested of this meeting a few lines by way of certificate to the monthly meeting at the Nine Partners, he being about to remove there to live with his family.

20 11th mo. 1745, Dartmouth: And there hath been a report concerning Timothy Ricketson that he hath put a bond into an Attorney's hand in order to give it out when the said bond hath been already answered. Therefore the meeting appoint Christopher and Ebenezer Slocum to endeavor to find out the Truth of the matter and let the Monthly Meeting know how they fine it.

16 12th. mo. 1746/7. Committee appointed on case of Timothy Ricketson.

18 3rd. mo. 1747. Timothy Ricketson is disowned by the meeting on account of trying to abtain money on bond already paid.

About this time Timothy Ricketson had moved to Dutchess Co, NY.

1st day 1st mo. 1748/9. Timothy Ricketson, Yeoman, of the Nine Partners in Crum Elbow, sells 32 acres of his homestead to one Daniel Tripp, Jr. of Dartmouth. Apparently his wife was not with him as her name does not appear in the deed, but her signature accompanies his, when on 3rd Aug. 1749, he further sells 142 acres of land in the Great Nine Partners, Lot 27.

25 October, 1754, the dwelling house, lands, farm and Tenements in the great Nine Partners on west side of road, leading from Pell Soper's into Beekman's Patent, containing 361 acres belonging to Timothy Ricketson, Merchant, of Dutchess County were ordered to be seized for debt by Isac Brinkerhoff, Esq., High Sheriff of the County, which seizure duly took place.

After this event Timothy went to North Carolina, whither several of his sons had preceded him, and perhaps to other parts of the South before he settled at his final destination, Richmond county, Georgia, where he made his will.


Bathsheba accompanied Timothy to Nova Sotia in 1765/1767. She died sometime between then and 1786 when Timothy wrote his will naming Martha as his wife.

Marriage Notes for TIMOTHY RICKETSON and MARTHA:

Bathsheba accompenied Timothy to Nova Scotia in 1765/1767.

ii. MARY RICKETSON, b. Oct 28, 1712.

iii. REBECCA RICKETSON, b. Feb 6, 1712/13.

iv. BENJAMIN RICKETSON, b. Mar 7, 1715/16.

v. ABIGAIL RICKETSON, b. Apr 5, 1719, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; d. Bef. 1765; m. HENRY WILBUR, Jul 20, 1738; b. Aug 29, 1716.

Marriage Notes for ABIGAIL RICKETSON and HENRY WILBUR: - Family Data Collection - Marriages

vi. JOHN RICKETSON, b. 1720, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; d. May 8, 1794; m. (1) PHEBE RUSSELL, Aug 23, 1744; b. Aug 23, 1724; d. Nov 3, 1770; m. (2) SARAH WING, Apr 4, 1776; b. Jul 12, 1740; d. Feb 1825.

Notes for SARAH WING:

Previous marriage for Sarah - Morrell

vii. ELIZABETH RICKETSON, b. Abt. 1725.

viii. JONATHON RICKETSON, b. Mar 1724/25, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; d. Feb 21, 1772; m. MERIBAH WILBUR, Oct 12, 1747; b. Aug 22, 1729, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; d. Nov 6, 1825, Beekman, New York.


Jonathan Ricketson, of Crum Elbow, Nine Partners, Dutchess Co., N.Y., b. in early 1726 at Dartmouth, d. 21 Feb. 1772, probably at Great Nine Partners, N.Y.[78] He and his wife were direct ancestors of U.S. President Gerald Ford.[79] He m. 12 Oct. 1747 at Dartmouth, Massachusetts, Meribah Wilbur, b. 22 Aug. 1729, d. 6 Nov. or 6 Dec. 1825 at Beekman, New York, "in the 97th year of her age."[80]

According to Grace W. Edes Genealogy of William Ricketson and His Descendants, Jonathan apparently moved to Dutchess County, New York within a year after his marriage, and on August 3rd 1749, he purchased 142 acres of land in the Great Nine Partners from his brother Timothy Ricketson. He was still there in 1763 when he sold 82 acres of the Great Nine Partners to Thomas Gage of Dartmouth.

ix. ABNER RICKETSON, b. 1728.

x. JUDITH RICKETSON, b. 1732; d. Abt. 1746.

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