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Richard A. Veal And Mary Agnes Camp


1. RICHARD A.5 VEAL (WILLIAM HARVEL4, JAMES H.3, NATHAN2, NATHAN1) was born Jun 1867 in Hickory Flat, Chambers Co, AL, and died Oct 31, 1950 in Marshall Co, AL. He married (1) MARY AGNES CAMP Jan 10, 1886 in Marshall co., AL, daughter of BURRELL CAMP and BARZELLAI COLLIER. She was born Mar 1867 in Randolph Co, AL, and died Aft. 1940 in Marshall Co, AL. He married (2) MARY CONN Bet. 1920 - 1930. She was born 1877 in AL.

Notes for RICHARD A. VEAL:

1870Census - Chambers Co, AL
1880Census - Randolph Co, AL
1900Census - Marion Co, AL
1910Census - Franklin Co, AL
1920Census - Marshall Co, AL
1930Census - Lincoln Co, TN

Richard Veal certainly moved around a lot.  He was born in Chambers Co, AL. He is listed on the 1870 Census age 3 in the household of William H. Veal. In 1880 the family has moved to Randolph Co, AL where he is listed as age 12.

In 1900 - Goddard, Marion Co, AL - Richard A. age 32, Mary A. age 33, Children: John F. 10, Mollie B. 7, Decie B. 4, Maud A. A. 2. They have been married 14 years and have had 5 children with 4 living.

1920 census for Marshall co, AL (Thompsons 18 dist) Richard A. age 52, Mary 52, Children: Henry 18, Grady 17.

In 1930 Richard's wife Mary Agnes is living with their son, Grady. And Richard is in Lincoln Co, TN listed as R. A. Vield. He is age 65 and married to Mary age 53. This Mary should be the one Richard's grandchildren called Grandma Bunch. In 1932 his grandson, Hoyt N. Frasier, wrote a letter to his Grandma Stone and mentioned that he was helping his grandpa Veal farm. He also said Grandma Bunch was running a cafe. The 1930 census does not mention a cafe. Richard is a farmer.

Doc1050 - Richmon Veal received 160.7 acres for homestead farm in Franklin County, AL on May 14, 1906.

One source says Richard is buried at Fairview Cemetery, Marshall Co, AL. But I've not been able to find him there.


1930Census - Marshall Co, AL - Doc88 - Living with youngest son, Grady.

Mary Agnes Camp was born in 1865 in Heard County, GA. Where she is listed on the 1870 Census record Age 5, in the household of Marion B. Camp. By 1880 the family had moved to Marshall County, Al where she is listed as age 13 in the household of Burrell Kimp (Camp). In 1910 she is listed with her husband, Richard Veal and children in Franklin County, AL. In 1920 she is back in Marshall County with her husband. In 1930 she is listed with her son, Grady Veal.

Children of RICHARD VEAL and MARY CAMP are:

2. i. JOHN T.6 VEAL, b. May 1890.

3. ii. MOLLY BELLE VEAL, b. Nov 24, 1892, Franklin Co, AL; d. Nov 27, 1980, DeKalb Co., AL.

4. iii. DECIE B. VEAL, b. Sep 1897, Franklin Co, AL; d. Jun 17, 1972.

iv. ARMANDA VEAL, b. Feb 18, 1897; d. Bef. 1900.


Armanda died before the 1900 census. In 1900 Mary Agnes has had 5 children with 4 living. I believe this Armanda is the one who died.

5. v. MAUDE VEAL, b. Mar 1898, Franklin Co, AL.

6. vi. HENRY N. VEAL, b. Abt. 1902, AL.

7. vii. GRADE L. VEAL, b. Feb 12, 1903, AL; d. Mar 12, 1974, De Kalb Co, AL.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN T.6 VEAL (RICHARD A.5, WILLIAM HARVEL4, JAMES H.3, NATHAN2, NATHAN1) was born May 1890. He married IDA MARTIN. She was born Feb 21, 1894, and died Sep 15, 1971 in Winston Co, Alabama.

Notes for JOHN T. VEAL:

1910 Franklin Co, AL Next door to parents.
1920 Winston Co, AL - Haleyville.

John and Ida divorced sometime between 1926 and 1930. Louise Weir Frasier said John took up with an Indian woman and that was the reason for the divorce. After that the rest of the family shunned him. 

Notes for IDA MARTIN:
From SS Index
Name: Ida Veal
Last Residence: 35565 Haleyville, Winston, Alabama, United States of America
Born: 21 Feb 1894
Died: 15 Sep 1971
State (Year) SSN issued: Alabama (1965 )

Ida and John divorced sometime between 1926 and 1930. On the 1930 census in Winston Co, AL - Haleyville Ida and her children are living with her father, Joe M. Martin.

Children of JOHN VEAL and IDA MARTIN are:

i. HOUSTON7 VEAL, b. 1912.

ii. MAMIE L. VEAL, b. 1913.

iii. TRAVIS VEAL, b. 1915.

iv. QUENTIN VEAL, b. 1917.

v. IMA M. VEAL, b. Abt. 1919.

vi. CRANFORD LEON VEAL, b. Abt. 1926.


3. MOLLY BELLE6 VEAL (RICHARD A.5, WILLIAM HARVEL4, JAMES H.3, NATHAN2, NATHAN1) was born Nov 24, 1892 in Franklin Co, AL, and died Nov 27, 1980 in DeKalb Co., AL. She married THOMAS NATHANIEL FRASIER 1909 in Franklin Co, AL, son of THOMAS FRASIER and MARY SLATON. He was born Nov 4, 1887 in Marshall Co., AL, and died Aug 24, 1979 in DeKalb Co., AL.


Molly Belle Veal was born Nov 24, 1992 to Richard A. Veal and Mary Agnes Camp. Her daughter Ida Belle (Frasier) Dean said she was born in Franklin County, Alabama and that she was also married there.

The 1910 Census, 1920 Census and 1930 Census for Marshall county (Thompsons District) shows her living with her husband and children.

During 1936 she and her husband bought a farm in De Kalb County Alabama and moved there. They lived there and worked the farm until their deaths.

Burial: Town Creek Cemetary, De Kalb Co, Al


Thomas Nathaniel Frasier was born to Thomas Nathaniel and Mary Magdeline (Slaton) Frasier on November 4, 1887, in Albertville, Marshall County, Alabama. Although his father's death is listed as 1888, his mother said he was born a few months after his fathers death from typhoid. T.N. had only one eye. When he was 12 years old he put fire crackers in a hollow log and closed it up. He lit the fuse which was not quite long enough and the log exploded and a piece hit his eye and destroyed it.

He loved fox hunting although his daughter in law, Louise Weir Frasier said he didn't really hunt. He only went out into the woods to get away from Mollie for awhile.  He made moonshine for his own use and he always made sure Molly had a small bottle in the kitchen for "medicinal purposes".

He married Mollie Belle Veal in 1909 in Franklin County, Alabama. He lived on land left to him by his father until his stepfather bought it and he bought a farm in DeKalb County, Alabama (Rainsville) in 1936.

Burial: Town Creek Cemetary, De Kalb Co, Al

Children of MOLLY VEAL and THOMAS FRASIER are:

i. HOYT NATHANIEL7 FRASIER, b. Aug 20, 1910, Marshall Co, AL; d. May 27, 1968, Brownfield, TX; m. LOUISE VIRGINIA WEIR, Nov 12, 1932, Lincoln Co, TN; b. Feb 25, 1914, Marshall Co, AL; d. Apr 17, 2000, Albuquerque, NM.


Hoyt Nathaniel Frasier was born August 20, 1910 at Albertville, Alabama ( Marshall County) to Thomas Nathaniel and Molly (Veal) Frasier. He attended school  and then helped on the farm until age 17 when he enlisted in the USNavy.

After discharge from the Navy in 1931, Hoyt N. Frasier went to Lincoln Co, TN to stay with his grandfather, Richard Veal and help him on the farm. There he met Louise Weir and they married in November 1932. He wrote a letter to his Grandma, Molly (Slaton, Frasier) Stone. This letter was found in Molly Stone's abandoned house in 1994.


Cause of Death: Automobile Accident
Medical Information: Was in excellent health
Military service:
Between Jan 9, 1928 - Sept. 9, 1931- USN AS, SEA2C, F3C
Between Apr 5, 1943 - Aug 22, 1945 - USN AS, Cox, BM2C, BM1C
Occupation: Millwright
Reenlistment Mil se: 1945, US Navy


Louise Virginia Weir was born February 25, 1914 at Boaz, Alabama (Marshall County). She lived in Boaz until 1929 when she moved with her family to Flintville, Tennessee (Lincoln county). She had three brothers and six sisters. She graduated from Flintville high school in 1932.

Soon after graduation she met Hoyt Nathaniel Frasier and they were married November 12, 1932 in Fayetteville, Tennessee, the county seat of Lincoln county.


Burial: Apr 25, 2000, Flintville Cemetary, Flintville, Lincoln Co, TN
Cause of Death: Infection contracted in hospital after surgery.
Cremation: Albuquerque, NM
Medical Information: Congestive heart failure. High blood pressure. Arthritis.
Occupation: Housewife

ii. VERNON RICHARD FRASIER, b. Aug 2, 1912, Arab Marshall Co, AL; d. May 23, 2004, Rainsville, DeKalb Co, AL; m. JANIE MAE STEWART; b. Feb 25, 1908.

iii. MILLARD COLAN FRASIER, b. Feb 2, 1915, Marshall Co, AL; d. Jan 8, 1987, De Kalb Co, AL; m. BERTIE H. POOLE; b. 1922; d. 1997, De Kalb Co, AL.

Burial: Mountain View Memory Gardens - De Kalb Co, AL
Military service: Sgt. US Army WWII

Burial: Mountain View Memory Gardens - De Kalb Co, AL

iv. IDA BELLE FRASIER, b. Jan 5, 1916; d. Mar 6, 1996, Dekalb Co., AL; m. WALLACE TRAMMEL DEAN.

v. MOZELL FRASIER, b. 1920, Marshall Co, AL; d. 1920, Marshall Co, AL.

Burial: Concord Primitive Baptist Church

vi. PAUL LINCOLN FRASIER, b. Aug 19, 1923, Marshall Co, AL; m. (1) VIRGINIA DARE MCALLISTER, Abt. 1943, De Kalb Co, AL; b. Apr 1, 1925; d. Nov 4, 1952; m. (2) HAZEL PATTERSON, Abt. 1960.

vii. ISSAC LEVI FRASIER, b. Mar 19, 1927; d. Feb 14, 1996.

viii. MARY WILLENE FRASIER, b. Feb 17, 1929.


4. DECIE B.6 VEAL (RICHARD A.5, WILLIAM HARVEL4, JAMES H.3, NATHAN2, NATHAN1) was born Sep 1897 in Franklin Co, AL, and died Jun 17, 1972. She married WILLIAM LUKE BEAM Abt. 1912. He was born 1893 in AL.

Notes for DECIE B. VEAL:

Information for husband and children come from 1930 census Marshall Co, AL
Burial: Martling Community Cemetery, Marshall Co, AL

Children of DECIE VEAL and WILLIAM BEAM are:

i. SULA7 BEAM, b. 1913, Marshall Co, AL.

ii. LOIS BEAM, b. 1915, Marshall Co, AL.

iii. LULA B. BEAM, b. 1919, Marshall Co, AL.

iv. LOVE BEAM, b. 1925, Marshall Co, AL.

v. WILLIAM A. BEAM, b. 1929, Marshall Co, AL.

5. MAUDE6 VEAL (RICHARD A.5, WILLIAM HARVEL4, JAMES H.3, NATHAN2, NATHAN1) was born Mar 1898 in Franklin Co, AL. She married CHARLY EDD BEAM Abt. 1918 in Marshall Co, AL, son of RODIE ?. He was born Abt. 1895.

Notes for MAUDE VEAL:

1920 Marshall Co, AL - Charley E. 25, Maude 22, Ralph 1/12. In 1920 living in the same house hold are John C. Cranford age 69, his wife Susan age 70 and granddaughter Bulah Cooper age 16. I'm not sure of the relationship between John Cranford and Charley and Maude.

**John C. Cranford is the son of Lewis Cranford and the brother of Sarah M. Cranford who married Henry D. Slaton found elsewhere in this data file.


Edd's mother Rodie age 60 living with him in 1930

Children of MAUDE VEAL and CHARLY BEAM are:

i. RALPH7 BEAM, b. 1919, Marshall Co, AL.

ii. LEANON BEAM, b. 1922, Marshall Co, AL.

Notes for LEANON BEAM:
Not sure of name. Could not read 1930 census.

iii. EDNA BEAM, b. 1925, Marshall Co, AL; m. JOHN LACY.

iv. ILA MAE BEAM, b. 1929, Marshall Co, AL; m. CARL BAGWELL.

6. HENRY N.6 VEAL (RICHARD A.5, WILLIAM HARVEL4, JAMES H.3, NATHAN2, NATHAN1) was born Abt. 1902 in AL. He married ZELLA CONN Abt. 1922. She was born Abt. 1905 in AL.

Notes for HENRY N. VEAL:

1930 Lincoln Co, TN. Listed as H. N. Vield age 29, Zella age 25, Children: Hazel Nell 8, Mardell 5, James 3, Mary 0. Mary b. TN and James b. AL. So they moved between 1927 and 1930.

Notes for ZELLA CONN:

1920 Marshall Co, AL. Zella is the daughter of Samuel E. Conn and Mary. She is age 14 in 1920. Her mother, Mary is the right age to be the Mary married to R. A. Veal in Lincoln Co, TN in 1930. I can not find Samuel Conn in 1930. I believe either Mary was a widow or divorced Samuel to marry Richard Veal.

Children of HENRY VEAL and ZELLA CONN are:

i. HAZEL NELL7 VEAL, b. 1922.

ii. MARDELL VEAL, b. 1925.

iii. JAMES VEAL, b. 1927.

iv. MARY ELIZABETH VEAL, b. 1930, Lincoln Co, TN.


7. GRADE L.6 VEAL (RICHARD A.5, WILLIAM HARVEL4, JAMES H.3, NATHAN2, NATHAN1) was born Feb 12, 1903 in AL, and died Mar 12, 1974 in De Kalb Co, AL. He married JEWEL V. NUNN Abt. 1923 in Marshall Co, AL. She was born Aug 17, 1907 in AL, and died Aug 25, 1987 in De Kalb Co, AL.

Notes for GRADE L. VEAL:

Burial: Wesley's Chapel Community Cemetery, De Kalb Co, AL

More About JEWEL V. NUNN:

Burial: Wesley's Chapel Community Cemetery, De Kalb Co, AL

Children of GRADE VEAL and JEWEL NUNN are:

i. VERNA N.7 VEAL, b. Abt. 1924, AL.

ii. GRADY NEWMAN VEAL, b. Feb 1, 1925, AL; d. Mar 8, 1960, De Kalb Co, AL.


Newman's father-in-law shot Newman, his kids, and himself.
Burial: Wesley's Chapel Community Cemetery, De Kalb Co, AL

iii. BEAMAN C. VEAL, b. Jul 16, 1927, AL; d. Aug 23, 1952, De Kalb Co, AL.

Notes for BEAMAN C. VEAL:
Beaman was killed in a car accident.
Burial: Wesley's Chapel Community Cemetery, De Kalb Co, AL

iv. MOZELL VEAL, b. Abt. 1929, AL.

v. WAYMAN VEAL, b. Abt. 1930, AL.

vi. TRUMAN L. VEAL, b. Feb 18, 1942, AL; d. Sep 14, 1988, De Kalb Co, AL.

More About TRUMAN L. VEAL:
Burial: Wesley's Chapel Community Cemetery, De Kalb Co, AL

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