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Nathan Veal, Sr.  And Julianne Harris

Jane Milstead

1. N
ATHAN1 VEAL, SR. was born Abt. 1750 in Henry Co, VA, and died Bef. 1825 in Washington Co, GA. He married (1) JULIANNE HARRIS Abt. 1775. She was born 1750 in Amhearst Co, VA, and died Bef. 1785. He married (2) JANE MILSTEAD Aug 18, 1785 in Amherst Co, VA, daughter of JOSEPH MILSTEAD and REBECCA ?. She was born Bet. 1765 - 1769.

Notes for NATHAN VEAL, SR.:

The name of Julianne Harris  for Nathan's first wife has not been verified.

Most Veal researchers accept Carnaby Veal of Amherst Co, VA as the father of Nathan Veal, Sr. Wife of Carnaby has not been found. Carnaby was the son of Morris Veal and Sarah. Morris was the son of Morris (Maurice) Veal and Dorothy.

According to History of Deepstep, GA, the Veal family originated in Ireland and many of them came to the US through England. The Veal family was in Essex Co., VA as early as 1693. Tax records in Henry Co., VA in 1779 show Nathan as a property owner. He married and had 3 sons: no info on his first wife's name, place, etc.

He fought in the Rev. War from Henry Co., VA- serving in John Cunningham's Co. VA militia under Col. Edward Penn. Sometime between the Rev. War and 1785, Nathan moved to Amherst Co., VA where he was listed as a property owner and head of household with 5 white souls .  Carnaby Veal was also listed as having 4 white souls- it was believed he was a brother to Nathan.

Nathan Sr. moved after 1790 to Spartanburg, SC for a brief time then to Hancock Co., GA where he eventually owned 740 acres on Deepstep creek.

From VA History, VOl. 17 page 190 - Henry Co, VA
March 11, 1781 - Nathan Veal was a member of John Cunningham's Company of recruits to assist General Nathaniel Greene in the Battle of Guillford courthouse in North Carolina.

Nathan Veal moved from Henry Co, VA to Amherst Co about 1783. He and his family then moved to Spartanburg, SC about 1789. The family move to Washington Co, GA about 1801.

From Amherst Co, VA Court Records:
March 1785 - Nathan Veal is charged with adultry with Jane Milstead.
May 1785 - Nathan Veal pleads not guilty in charge of adultry with Jane Milstead.
September 1785 - Charge of adultry is dismissed.

Milstead, Jane Veal, Nathan 18 Aug 1785 Virginia Amherst County

*****[[In the 1827 land lottery of Georgia, Nathan Veal, illegitimate, was a lucky drawer of land in Muscogee Co.
And this marriage is listed. I don't yet know who this is, he is probably a grandson of Nathan, Sr..
Meadows, Lucinda   Veal, Nathan 10 Feb 1836 Georgia Sumter County
In 1850 census for Sumter Co, GA - Nathan Veal age 37, Lucinda 37, Children: Sarah 11, Mary 7, Morgain 4, Missouri 3.
In 1860, Nathan 41, Lucinda gone, Children: Sarah 21, Mary A. E. 19,  Mary Ann 17, Missouri 15, John M. 10, M. A. C. 5.
1870 Nathan 61, Martha 23, Morgianne (Mary Ann?) 23, John M. 19, Margaret A. C. 17, Nafbret 2.
1880 Nathan 72, Martha 32, May 12, Emma 9, Sidney 7, Lucinda 4, Mack 1.  These are in the HH of John Veal 29, Mary 28.]]******

According to
Tax records on property in Henry County, VA for 1779 and 1780 show that Nathan Veale was a resident & property owner. The e was dropped from the name; however, records do not state when. Henry Co, VA records show that Nathan Veal, Sr. fought in the Revolutionary War serving in John Cunningham's Company, VA Militia under Col. Abram Penn and his company was ordered on 3-11-1781 to march to North Carolina to join General Stevens' Command and prepare for the Battle of Guilford Court House between Continental forces under General Greene and British forces under General Cornwallis.


2. i. WILLIAM2 VEAL, b. Jul 17, 1778, VA; d. 1865, De Kalb Co, GA.

3. ii. NATHAN VEAL, JR., b. Abt. 1779, Henry Co, VA; d. Sep 30, 1865, Washington Co, GA.

4. iii. EDWARD VEAL, b. Abt. 1781, Amhearst Co, VA; d. Jul 13, 1870, Washington Co, GA.

Children of NATHAN VEAL and JANE MILSTEAD are:

iv. SYNTHIA2 VEAL, b. Abt. 1790, SC; d. Aft. 1850.


Synthia was an idiot. After her father died, her brother, Edward was made her guardian.

5. v. GEORGE VEAL, b. Abt. 1791, SC; d. Jul 7, 1865, Washington Co, GA.


Generation No. 2

2. WILLIAM2 VEAL (NATHAN1) was born Jul 17, 1778 in VA, and died 1865 in De Kalb Co, GA. He married (1) REBECCA VEAL Abt. 1802, daughter of FRANCIS VEAL. She was born Apr 5, 1785, and died Aft. 1830. He married (2) ANN WADE Feb 22, 1844 in DeKalb Co, GA. She was born Abt. 1815 in SC.

Children of WILLIAM VEAL and REBECCA VEAL are:

i. JOSEPH3 VEAL, b. Feb 18, 1804, VA; m. POLLY HARRISON, Aug 3, 1820, Putnam Co, GA.

ii. JOHN VEAL, b. Nov 18, 1805.

iii. FRANCIS VEAL, b. Nov 26, 1807; m. ANNA ??; b. 1808, SC.

1850 DeKalb Co, GA

iv. WILLIAM VEAL, b. Jan 28, 1810; d. 1865, Dekalb Co, GA.; m. MILLY ANN FRASER, Jan 10, 1832; b. 1815.

v. MARTHA VEAL, b. Mar 24, 1813.

vi. ELIZABETH VEAL, b. Jul 3, 1815; d. Jun 14, 1824.

vii. MILLEY VEAL, b. Sep 8, 1817.

viii. CAROLINE VEAL, b. Jan 14, 1820, Dekalb Co, GA.; m. AUSTIN STEWART; b. Abt. 1818.

ix. REBECCA ANN VEAL, b. Mar 29, 1822; m. JOSEPH WADE, Aug 18, 1850, DeKalb Co, GA.

x. JAMES M. VEAL, b. Oct 11, 1824.

xi. NANCY VEAL, b. Oct 26, 1827, De Kalb Co, AL; m. GEORGE M. MINER, Feb 27, 1845; b. Abt. 1827.

Notes for NANCY VEAL:
1850 DeKalb Co, GA.
1860 Gwinnitt Co, GA. - G. W. 35, Nancy 35, Children: Clary 14, L. J. 13, W. G. 11, Mary 10, Ednay (M) 8, Georgia 7, Lena 5, John 3, Emeline 10/12.

xii. SARAH VEAL, b. May 3, 1829.

Notes for SARAH VEAL:
In 1870 MAY be living with brother, Francis. She is age 45.


3. NATHAN2 VEAL, JR. (NATHAN1) was born Abt. 1779 in Henry Co, VA, and died Sep 30, 1865 in Washington Co, GA. He married SARAH THOMASON Abt. 1804 in Washington Co, GA, daughter of RICHARD THOMSON and CHARITY WHITACER. She was born Abt. 1787 in Amherst Co, VA, and died Abt. 1859 in Washington Co, GA.

Notes for NATHAN VEAL, JR.:

1850Census - Washington Co, GA - Nathan age 71, Sarah age 63, Uriah 28, Burwell 25, Burwell's wife, Julian age 20, Burwell's dau. Augustus 4/12.

1860 Census - Washington Co, GA - age 80 living with son Uriah age 35.

Nathan, Jr. died intestate and his son, John T. was appointed administrator Oct. 2, 1865. The return and letters of dismission dated May 11, 1871 lists equal cash disbursments to:
John B. Spann (husband of Matilda)
W. H. Hall (William Hicklin husband of Malinda)
John Boyer (husband of Saletha)
R. H. Veal (Richard Hartwell)
J. H. Veal (James H.)
W. M. Veal (William Madison)
B. W. Veal (Burrell Washington)
R. L. Andrews (husband of Harriett)
U. W. Veal (Uriah Westley)
John T. Veal
These are all children of Nathan Veal, Jr.

More About NATHAN VEAL, JR.:

Burial: Veal Cemetery, Washington Co, GA.


Burial: Veal Cemetery, Washington Co, GA.


i. JAMES H.3 VEAL, b. Abt. 1805, Hancock Co, GA; d. Oct 1, 1892, Hancock Co, GA; m. (1) MARY EMILY MILLER, Feb 24, 1831, Hancock Co, GA; b. Abt. 1810; d. Abt. 1836, Hancock Co, GA; m. (2) MARTHA MCCLELLEN, Jan 19, 1837, Hancock Co, GA; b. Abt. 1818; d. Jul 30, 1840, Hancock Co, GA; m. (3) MARTHA MATILDA UNDERWOOD, Jan 27, 1842, Hancock Co, GA; b. Abt. 1821; d. Nov 1860, Hancock Co, GA.

Notes for JAMES H. VEAL:
1820Census - Washington Co, GA in hh of Nathan Veal 1830Census - Putnam Co, GA w/wife Mary Miller
1840Census - Hancock Co, GA w/2nd wife, Martha
1850Census - Hancock Co, GA w/3rd wife, Martha
1860Census - Hancock Co, GA w/3rd wife, Martha - James's age is listed as 30, should be 55.
1880Census - Hancock Co, GA widower age 76. Children: Sarah 36, Josephine 26, Kitty (Virginia) 24, Georgia 21.

On his death in 1892 his land was divided between his daughters. On file is a hand drawn plat that says 'Plat of lands of the estate of James H Veal, late of said county (Hancock Co, GA) situated in 11th district-containing four hundred and ten 9/10 acres and a division of this land surveyed for division on Aug 1 & 2, 1893' by S E Pearson. In this plat it is divided between: Josephine Veal, Sarah C Veal, Martha M Meadows, Louisa J Wood, Virginia C Veal and Georgia A Yarbrough. Bordering property division of Louisa J Wood is Isaac M Wood and J M Harrison. Bordering Josephine Veal is James Underwood and Myles Underwood. Bordering the other property is J M Harrison, James M Archer, William Stanley and looks like Pierce Peeler. Louisa may have gone by the nickname of 'LOU'

Martha Matilda Underwood died of Typhoid Fever in Nov 1860. Her death was recorded in the GA Mortality Records for 1860.

ii. RICHARD HARTWELL VEAL, b. Abt. 1807, Washington Co, GA; d. Aft. May 1871; m. FRANCES ??; b. Abt. 1803, SC; d. Bef. 1870.

1850 Washington Co, GA. Richard age 43, Frances 47, Children: Seaborn 22, Sarah 19, Levincy 17, Hartwell E. R. 14, Littleton 12, Augustus (M) 9.

iii. JOHN T. VEAL, b. Jun 7, 1810, Washington Co, GA; d. Feb 18, 1886, Washington Co, GA; m. (1) SARAH JANE HALL, Feb 14, 1833, Washington Co, GA; b. Feb 12, 1817, GA; d. Oct 5, 1858; m. (2) MARY P. HART, Oct 18, 1866; b. Abt. 1830; d. 1892.

Notes for JOHN T. VEAL:
1850 Washington Co, GA. All children listed except Indiana.
1860 Washingaton Co, GA. John 50, Children: Elizabeth 25, William 23, Mary A. 20, James 18, Uriah 16, Harriett C. 12, Leugene 10, Indiana E. 8. (Reuben and Malissa missing)
1870 Washington Co, GA. John is age 60. Others living with him are: Mary age 40 - (This Mary Orr, second wife) Mary A. 16 (Too young to be his daughter Mary. Was she the daughter of Mary Orr?), Lucinda 19 - his daughter. Also living with him are: Mayum (F) 28, Sarah J. 8, William 7, John R. 4, Horace 3, James 1, (Is this Mariam wife of William Nathan and her children?) and William 14 (This could be son of Burwell)

1880 Washington Co, GA. John age 70, Ludie (Lucinda - daughter) age 30.

Notes for MARY P. HART:
Previously married to Thomas Orr.

iv. MATILDA VEAL, b. Abt. 1812; m. JOHN B. SPANN, Feb 28, 1830, Washington Co, GA; b. 1810; d. Aft. 1865.

Moved to Stewart county. Is named Matilda Seal on marriage bonds.

1850 Stewart Co, GA. John 40, Matilda 38, Children: Winford 16, Hayward 14, John 12, Sarah 10, William 8, Eason 18, James 6, George (Franklin) 4, Louisa 2.

1860 Stewart co, GA. John Spann age 50, Matilda 48, Children: Leason 28 (Eason), John 23, William 17, James 16, Franklin 14, Louisa 12, Thomas 8, Nathan 6.

v. MALINDA W. VEAL, b. Apr 5, 1814, Washington Co, GA; d. May 14, 1902, Washington Co, GA; m. WILLIAM HICKLIN HALL, Oct 19, 1837, Washington Co, GA; b. May 15, 1815, GA; d. Apr 28, 1888, Washington Co, GA.

Notes for MALINDA W. VEAL:
1950 Washington Co, GA - William 35, Malinda 36, Children: Sarah A. A. 11, Rabun 10, John F. 8, Harriett M. 6, James F. 5, Samuel A. 4, Louisa M. 3, Amanda M. D. T. R. 8/12.

Burial: Hall Family Cemetery

Burial: Hall Family Cemetery

vi. WILLIAM MADISON VEAL, b. Apr 3, 1818, Deepstep, Washington Co, GA; d. Oct 30, 1900; m. MAHALA ANN HILLIARD, Nov 7, 1842, Stewart Co, GA; b. Oct 15, 1825, Dooley Co, GA; d. Nov 15, 1879, Washington Co, GA.

1860 Washington Co, GA. William M. 42, Mahala A. 35, Children: John W. 16, William H. 13, Burwell W. 12, Lenaw 11, Augustus C. 9, Mary E. 7, Thomas J. 5, Charles T. 3, Sarah G. 11/12.

1870 Washington Co, GA. Madison age 52, Anna 45 (a second marriage?), Children: William 24, Augustus 19, Mary E. 16, Thomas 15, Charles 13, Lauren 7, Robert 6, Ella 4, Oskar 9/12.

1880 Washington Co, GA. William age 62. Children: Charles 23, Laura 18, Robert Lee 16, Ella 14, Oscar 10. Grandchildren: William A. 18, Augustus, Jr. 10, Nora 8, James 7, Mattie 5, Sula 3.

vii. SALETHA M. A. VEAL, b. Abt. 1819, Washington Co, GA; d. Bef. 1870, Hancock Co, GA; m. JOHN BOYER, Feb 25, 1840, Hancock Co, GA; b. Abt. 1809, Hancock Co, GA.

Notes for SALETHA M. A. VEAL:
1850 Hancock Co, GA. 8 children listed with John and Saletha. The youngest child a male with no name.

1860 Hancock Co, GA. All previous children except Elias are listed as well as 6 others including another Elias born in 1854.

1870 Hancock Co, GA. Saletha has died. John age 61, Children: McDonald 23, Columbus 22, James 21, John, Jr. 18, Amanda15, Newton 14, Maud 13, Claudia 9. John names James for Jasper and Newton for Neopoleon. Joseph is not listed but must be John, Jr. 18. Possibly the older John b. 1842 had died so they named another son John just as the earlier Elias must have died and they named another Elias..

1880 Hancock Co, GA. John 71, Children still at home: McDonald 28, James 26, John 24, Newton 21, Maud 22, Claudia 16.

viii. URIAH WESLEY VEAL, b. Abt. 1821, Washington Co, GA; d. Bef. 1900; m. AMANDA LOU REESE, Oct 2, 1864, Washington Co, GA; b. Abt. 1845; d. Bet. 1880 - 1890.

1860 Uriah age 35 living with father, Nathan in Washington Co, GA. Not married.

1880 Washington Co, GA. U. Wesley age 57, Amanda 34, Children: Florence 13, Alice 7, Sarah 4. Mother-in-law, Harriet Reese age 64.

Uriah applied for a CSA pension in 1895. He stated that he had no property and asked for a pension on his "age and poverty". He also stated that he was partially paralyzed and could not move about. An affidavit by Dr. L. A. Graybill states that "he had a stroke about four years previously and is partially paralyzed on his left side, locomotion is considerably impaired." The application also stated he had no wife and two girls who were married and that he was living with first one then another child.

ix. BURRELL WASHINGTON VEAL, b. Jul 22, 1822, Washington Co, GA; d. Oct 1907; m. JULIA ANN GLADIN, Feb 1, 1849, Washington Co, GA; b. Mar 1827, Washington Co, GA; d. Aft. 1900.

1850Census - Washington Co, GA - Nathan age 71, Sarah age 63, Uriah 28, Burwell 25, Burwell's wife, Julian age 20, Burwell's dau. Augustus 4/12.

1860 Washington Co, GA. Burwell age 36, Julian 30, Children: James B. P. 7, William I. 5, Mollie F. 2, Augustus is missing - maybe died?

1880 Washington Co, GA. Burrell age 55, Julia 48, Children: Benjamin 26, William 22, Mollie 21, Marion 18, Dodie 13, Essie 11, John 8.

x. AUGUSTUS O. VEAL, b. Abt. 1827, Washington Co, GA; d. Sep 5, 1848, Washington Co, GA.

xi. HARRIETT HELENA VEAL, b. Abt. 1828; d. Mar 20, 1883; m. RICHARD LEE ANDREWS, Abt. 1846, Washington Co, GA; b. Abt. 1825; d. Dec 31, 1882.

1850 Washington Co, GA. Richard 25, Harriet 23, Children: Sarah S. 3, Mary L. E. 1.

1860 Washington Co, GA. Richard 35, Helena 26, Children: Sarah 12, Mary 10, Nathan 8, William 6, Lee 5. Also living with them is Reddin Andrews 27 Farmer - possibly Richard's brother?

1870 Washington Co, GA. Richard 45, Helena 47, Children: Mary L. 17, Nathan 15, William 13, Lee 10, Julia 8, Redding 6.

1880 Washington Co, GA. Richard 55, Hilin 56, Children: Nathan 29, William 27, Lee 24, Red 17.


4. EDWARD2 VEAL (NATHAN1) was born Abt. 1781 in Amhearst Co, VA, and died Jul 13, 1870 in Washington Co, GA. He married (1) ELIZABETH Abt. 1804. She died Bef. 1838. He married (2) MARTHA ANN CHAMBERS Nov 7, 1838 in Washington Co, GA.

Notes for EDWARD VEAL:

Edy (Edward) Veal was appointed Guardian of Syntha Veal, 'idiot daughter of Nathan Veal' in Hancock County, GA in 1833 after Nathan, Sr. died..

He was declared insane the last year or so of his life and his son, Andrew Jackson, was named as his guardian.

1850 Washington Co, GA. Edward 69, Martha (Chambers?) 38, Children: Sarah M. 25, Elizabeth L. 24, Jane N. 31. George W. 11, Amanda M. 9, William I. 7, Andrew J. 5, Soloman B. 3. Cintha Veal 60 - Edward's idiot sister. Also living with him are Hardian K. Chambers 15, and William Cone 25. Hardian K. Chambers may be a son of Martha from a previous marriage in which case her maiden name is not Chambers.
Edward's son Jordan is living next door.

1860 Washington Co, GA. Edward 80, Children: Jane 30, George 20, Jackson 15, Solomon B. 12, Johan Snider 11 ( probable son of daughter, mary G.), Edward B. Veal 19 (Probable son of son, Jordan F.)

Children of EDWARD VEAL and ELIZABETH are:

i. JORDAN FRANKLIN3 VEAL, b. Abt. 1818; m. (1) MARTHA WAGERS, Abt. 1840, Washington Co, GA; d. Bef. 1849, Washington Co, GA; m. (2) MARIAH EIKNER, Abt. 1846, Washington Co, GA; b. Abt. 1818.

1850 Washington Co, GA. Already married to Mariah. Child Edward B. age 8. Child Thomas age 5/12. I speculate that Edward is the child of Martha. Edward is missing from later census records.

1860 and 1870 Washington Co, GA. Jordan, Mariah, Thomas, Elizabeth, James M. - Thomas gone in 1870. 1880 only James still at home, age 25.

ii. MARY G. VEAL, b. Abt. 1821; m. THOMAS B. SNYDER, Mar 18, 1849, Washington Co, GA.

Notes for MARY G. VEAL:
I found this marriage for Mary G. on the internet but can not find her on any census records after the marriage. A Johan Snider age 11 is living with Mary's father Edward in 1860.

iii. SARAH M. VEAL, b. Abt. 1823.

iv. ELIZABETH L. VEAL, b. Abt. 1825.

v. JANE N. VEAL, b. Abt. 1827.


vi. GEORGE WASHINGTON3 VEAL, b. Aug 1839, VA; m. ELLA NORA HITCHCOCK, 1862, Washington Co, GA; b. Aug 1842, GA.

1880 Washington Co, GA. George 40, Ella N. 37, Ida L. 15, Andrew J. 13, Sarah M. 11, Mary E. 8, Lugene 6.

1900 Washington Co, GA. George W. b. Aug 39, Ella N. b. Aug 42, Lucy I. b. May 1863. Married 38 years, Ella had 5 children - 3 living.

vii. AMANDA MARINDA VEAL, b. Abt. 1841; m. GEORGE W. COX.

viii. WILLIAM J. VEAL, b. Abt. 1843.

ix. ANDREW JACKSON VEAL, b. Abt. 1845, Washington Co, GA; d. Abt. 1888, Washington Co, GA; m. (1) JULIA CLAY; m. (2) ANN ELIZABETH ROBERTS, Abt. 1878; b. Jul 1857, Washington Co, GA.

1880 Washington Co, GA. - Jackson 24, Elizabeth 22, Claudia 2/12.

1900 Lizzie is married to Jordan F. Rawls. Children of Andrew Jackson Veal listed as step children: Claudia 20, Elton 17, Maud 15, Zetta 11. Andrew Jackson probably died about 1888 but they may have divorced. Can not find Andrew Jackson after 1880. One source says he died June 15, 1884.

1900 Washington Co, married to Jordan Rawls age 38 b. 10 years. Lizzie age 42. Step children: Claudia 20, Elton 17, Maud 15, Zetta 11. Children: Bobbie 4, Annie J. 2.

x. SOLOMON B. VEAL, b. Abt. 1848; m. MARY HAYGOOD.


5. GEORGE2 VEAL (NATHAN1) was born Abt. 1791 in SC, and died Jul 7, 1865 in Washington Co, GA. He married ELLENDAR THOMASON Abt. 1819. She was born Abt. 1800 in GA, and died May 1855 in Washington Co, GA.

Notes for GEORGE VEAL:

1850 Washington Co, GA. George 59, Ellen 50, Children: Malissa 28, Thomas 22, James M. 20, Matilda H. 16, Julia G. 15.

1860 Washington Co, GA. George age 67, b. S C, Children: Malissa 31, Julia 27. Ellen died in 1855.


i. ALONZO M.3 VEAL, b. Abt. 1820, Washington Co, GA; d. Jan 20, 1884, Pulaski Co, GA.

Notes for ALONZO M. VEAL:
Alonzo was a doctor and a merchant. He spent about 30 years in Lousianna and Texas before returning to Pulaski co, GA in about 1880. After retruning to GA he was a merchant in partnership with his brother, James M. Veal.

1850 Caddo Parish, LA. A. M. Veal 26, b. GA - Physician.

1860 Limestone Co, TX - A. M. Veal 38, b. GA - Merchant. RE value $3000, Personal $40,000. Lived in hotel.

1880 Atascosa Co, Texas. A. M. Veal 59 Divorced- Gen Mdse. Brother J. M. Veal 49 Single- Gen Mdse

ii. MALISSA VEAL, b. Abt. 1821, Washington Co, GA; m. MILES G. UNDERWOOD.

1880 Hancock Co, GA. Miles Underwood 68, Malissa 66, Child: John 12 (probably not their's). Sister-in-law, Julia Veal 35.

1850 Hancock Co, GA.- Miles G 38 , Sarah (Sarah Malissa?) 37, Children: John 15, Margaret 13, James 11, Pamelia 9. Sarah A 7, Emily 5, Clarissa 3, Franklin 2

1860 Hancock Co, GA - Miles G. 48, Sarah 47, James 21, Emily 15, Clarissy 13, Frank 12, Samantha 10, Frances 7.

iii. THOMAS JEFFERSON VEAL, b. Sep 11, 1827, Washington Co, GA; m. RHODA ANN O'QUINN, Abt. 1856, Washington Co, GA; b. Abt. 1843, GA.

1860 Washington Co, GA. Thomas 32, Rodda A. 17, Child: Linton 2.

1870 Washington Co, GA. Thomas 43, Rodda A. 28, Children: Linton 12, Millard 8, Malvenia 7, Morless G. 2

1880 Washington Co, GA. Thomas 53, Rodie 38, Children: Linton 22, Millard 20, Mallvina 15, Ulices Grant 12, Dora 7, Louisa 3.

iv. MATILDA H. VEAL, b. Mar 29, 1836, Washington Co, GA; d. Aug 17, 1900; m. JOHN C. PACE, Jun 7, 1854, Washington Co, GA.

Notes for MATILDA H. VEAL:
1860 Washington Co, GA

1870 Washington Co, GA. Same children except Erastus is missing and Owen R. age 15 is listed.

1880 Washington Co, GA. John 55, Matilda 50. No children at home.

v. JAMES M. VEAL, b. Abt. 1830, Washington Co, GA; d. May 22, 1896, Pulaski Co, GA.

Notes for JAMES M. VEAL:
Went to Texas about 1855 with brother, Alonzo where they were merchants as well as Alonzo being a physician. When Alonzo and James returned to Pulaski Co, GA they were merchants.

More About JAMES M. VEAL:
Burial: Orange Hill Cemetery, Pulaski Co, GA

vi. JULIA G. VEAL, b. Abt. 1834, Washington Co, GA.


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