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Jonathan Ricketson  And Abigail Howland

1. J
ONATHAN2 RICKETSON (WILLIAM1) was born Apr 7, 1688 in Dartmouth MA, and died Oct 16, 1768 in Dartmouth MA. He married ABIGAIL HOWLAND Jul 10, 1710 in Dartmouth, Bristol, MA, daughter of BENJAMIN HOWLAND and JUDITH SAMPSON. She was born Nov 3, 1686 in Dartmouth MA, and died Jan 15, 1769 in Dartmouth MA.


Source: Grace Williamson Edes.
"Jonathan Ricketson, son of William and Elizabeth (Mott) Ricketson, born 4 April 1688, Dartmouth, died 16 October, 1768, Dartmouth; married____, 1710 Abigail Howland, daughter of Benjamin and Judith (Sampson) Howland, born 3 November 1686, did 15 January, 1769, Dartmouth.

"Jonathan Ricketson lived in the house at Dartmouth, built by his father, William Ricketson. He was a yeoman, or farmer, and a cordwainer. The following entries concerning him are to be found in the Monthly Meeting Records of the Dartmouth Society of Friends.

"15 9th. mo. 1708. And the two Friends that were appointed at the last preparation meeting for to enquire of Jonathan Ricketson concerning his laying his Intention of his marriage before the meeting. And they having spoken with him, do make report to the meeting that he saith he doth not intend to lay Intention of Marriage before the Monthly Meeting, but he saith he thinks it no sin to be married otherwise.

"17 5th. mo. 1710. Jonathan Ricketson and Abigail Howland were condemned by the meeting.

"19 8th. mo. 1724. The following paper was read and approved by the meeting: "To the Monthly Meeting of Friends to be held on ye 16th. day of 9th. month 1724 in Dartmouth.

"Wheras we in 1710 proceeded in marriage contrary to the good order of Friends whereof we do condemn out outgoings, and count ourselves justly Denied and do desire that God would forgive us and that friends would pass it by so that we may be in unity with them again.
Jonathan Ricketson
Abigail Ricketson"

"This humble petition was accepted and the erring pair were restored to the membership of the meeting.

"On 9 April, 1756, Jonathan Ricketson sold a portion of his homestead to his son Abner, but the deed of sale was not signed until 12 October 1763, which the signature reads "Jonathan and Alys." evidently an error, as Abigail survived her husband."


2. i. TIMOTHY3 RICKETSON, SR., b. Feb 18, 1709/10, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; d. 1786, Richmond Co., GA.

ii. MARY RICKETSON, b. Oct 28, 1712.

iii. REBECCA RICKETSON, b. Feb 6, 1712/13.

iv. BENJAMIN RICKETSON, b. Mar 7, 1715/16.

3. v. ABIGAIL RICKETSON, b. Apr 5, 1719, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; d. Bef. 1765.

4. vi. JOHN RICKETSON, b. 1720, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; d. May 8, 1794.

vii. ELIZABETH RICKETSON, b. Abt. 1725.

5. viii. JONATHON RICKETSON, b. Mar 1724/25, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; d. Feb 21, 1772.

ix. ABNER RICKETSON, b. 1728.

x. JUDITH RICKETSON, b. 1732; d. Abt. 1746.


Generation No. 2

2. TIMOTHY3 RICKETSON, SR. (JONATHAN2, WILLIAM1) was born Feb 18, 1709/10 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA, and died 1786 in Richmond Co., GA. He married (1) BATHSHBA WILBUR Feb 3, 1730/31 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA, daughter of BENJAMIN WILBUR and ELIZABETH HEAD. She was born Aug 22, 1720 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA, and died Bet. 1767 - 1786. He married (2) MARTHA Aft. 1767. She died Aft. 1786.


Timothy Ricketson and his wife Bathsheba Wilbur were born in Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA. They were Quakers and in 1745 they requested a certificate to transfer to Nine Partners Monthly Meeting in Dutchess Co, NY. Before they moved charges were brought against Timothy because he tried to collect on a bond which had already been paid. A committee was appointed to investigate the charge which resulted in Timothy being disowned two years later after he had moved to NY. In 1748 Timothy made a trip back to MA to sell land he still owned. The next year he sold part of his land in Nine Partners in Crum Elbow, NY. In 1754 the High Sheriff of Dutchess Co, NY seized all the rest of Timothy's property for debt.

At this time Timothy moved to North Caroline leaving some of his children in New York. In 1765/67 he made a trip to Nova Scotia with his son Abednego. While Abednego stayed in Nova Scotia, Timothy returned to North Carolina and later moved to Richmond Co, GA.

Timothy left a will in Richmond Co, GA. in 1786. He named his wife Martha, children: Timothy, Marmaduke, Abigail Laughtrip. He Names grandson, Jordain (son of Jordan). He names Abigail's five children: Hulda, Bathsheba, Mary, John and Benjamin.

From William Ricketson and his Descendants by Grace Williamson Edes

Timothy Ricketson was a yeoman and in one deed is called a "merchant".

Entries from Dartmouth Monthly Meeting Record:
"On 17th. March, 1734 the widow of Benjamin Wilbur brought in an account of legacies given daughter "Rickerson".

"2nd. mo. 1745 Dartmouth Monthly Meeting Record: And Timothy Ricketson hath requested of this meeting a few lines by way of certificate to the monthly meeting at the Nine Partners, he being about to remove there to live with his family.

"20 11th mo. 1745, Dartmouth: And there hath been a report concerning Timothy Ricketson that he hath put a bond into an Attorney's hand in order to give it out when the said bond hath been already answered. Therefore the meeting appoint Christopher and Ebenezer Slocum to endeavor to find out the Truth of the matter and let the Monthly Meeting know how they fine it.

"16 12th. mo. 1746/7. Committee appointed on case of Timothy Ricketson.

"18 3rd. mo. 1747. Timothy Ricketson is disowned by the meeting on account of trying to abtain money on bond already paid.

"About this time Timothy Ricketson had moved to Dutchess Co, NY.

"1st day 1st mo. 1748/9. Timothy Ricketson, Yeoman, of the Nine Partners in Crum Elbow, sells 32 acres of his homestead to one Daniel Tripp, Jr. of Dartmouth. Apparently his wife was not with him as her name does not appear in the deed, but her signature accompanies his, when on 3rd Aug. 1749, he further sells 142 acres of land in the Great Nine Partners, Lot 27.

"25 October, 1754, the dwelling house, lands, farm and Tenements in the great Nine Partners on west side of road, leading from Pell Soper's into Beekman's Patent, containing 361 acres belonging to Timothy Ricketson, Merchant, of Dutchess County were ordered to be seized for debt by Isac Brinkerhoff, Esq., High Sheriff of the County, which seizure duly took place.

"After this event Timothy went to North Carolina, whither several of his sons had preceded him, and perhaps to other parts of the South before he settled at his final destination, Richmond county, Georgia, where he made his will."

Timothy and Bathsheba went to Annapolis, N.S. in 1765.1767. The only child who went with them was Abednego and his family.  Abednego stayed in Nova Scotia while Timothy returned - probably to North Carolina or Georgia.


Bathsheba accompanied Timothy to Nova Sotia in 1765/1767. She died sometime between then and 1786 when Timothy wrote his will naming Martha as his wife.

Marriage Notes for TIMOTHY RICKETSON and MARTHA:
Bathsheba accompenied Timothy to Nova Scotia in 1765/1767.


i. ABEDNEGO4 RICKETSON, b. Sep 23, 1733, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; d. Dec 23, 1797, Annapolis, Annapolis Co, NS; m. PHEBE TUCKER, Dec 2, 1757, Dartmouth, Bristol, MA; b. Nov 8, 1736, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; d. Jul 31, 1795, Granville, Annapolis Co, NS.


Abednego was the oldest child of Timothy Ricketson, Sr.. Abednego appears to have probably moved to Dutchess County, N. Y. as did his parents & his siblings, then south to North Carolina, & South Carolina, then moved to Nova Scotia in 1765/1767.

The summary written by Grace W. Edes, author of William Ricketson & His Descendants provides valuable historical information on Abednego & his migration to Nova Scotia, as folows:

"Abednego & his wife were second cousins. Their grandfathers were brothers. They lived in the Dartmouth, Ma. area until about 1762 as their three oldest children were born in Dartmouth. John James Marshall, great grandson of Abednego, wrote in his family bible for his daughter the family history as follows: "Your grandmother, Nancy [Ricketson] Marshall, emigrated from South Carolina state. Were Quarkers. Came down to Nova Scotia, three brothers settled in Granville. Left Timothy, the other two, they built a brig [named Barsheba] and went home in her & left one brother & said they would not stay where the frosts cleared the land. They came down with plenty of money, and your grandmother's name was Phebe Tucker from South Carolina."

"The three brothers were undoubtedly Abednego, Marmaduke & Timothy, as Marmaduke's descendants in the South believe him to have visited Nova Scotia. So far as we can gather, the story of Abednego Ricketson os this: --After 1762, he went to New Bern, North Carolina, where his brother, Gordius & sister Mrs. Lipsey were living. Thence he moved to Bridgetown, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, but before 1770, for the census of that year mentions him as being there, with a family of eight persons, vic: himself, his wife, & seven children. The French had been expelled from Arcadia, & tempting offers were made to induce loyal English subjects to settle in the place; this may have been Abedngo's reason for going there. Immediately after his arrival, he obtained a farm, midway between Bridgetown & the district called Bellside. The estate is still known as the "Ricketson Property" although it has long since passed out of the family.

"Abednego was a Methodist minister, and appears to have possessed of some education, intelligence & enterprise. His descendants, especially numerous in the lines of the daughters, have always been respected members of the farming community. The Mrs. Lipsey referred to above would have been Abednego's sister Bathsheba [Ricketson] Lipsey."

Announced intentions to marry Phebe Tucker 2 December, 1757.

From FTW Immigration CD.
Place: Annapolis, N.S.
Year: 1765-1767
Primary Individual: Ricketson, Abednego
Family Members: Daughter Bathsheba; Daughter Elizabeth; Son Henry; Daughter Phebe; Wife Phebe Tucker
Source Code: 8750.40
Source Name:
SMITH, LEONARD H., JR., and NORMA H. SMITH. Nova Scotia Immigrants to 1867. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1992. 546p.
Source Annotation:
Date and port of arrival or date and place of mention in the New World. Place of origin, birth date, occupation, reference to original source, and other genealogical information may also be provided.
Source Page #: 205

Abstract of Probate of Annapolis County, Nova Scotia

29. Page 67, R: 25 Mar 1779: LA to Phebe RICKETSON widow of Abednego RICKETSON of Granville, deceased. Estate Folio R4 (1779): He died 27 Dec 1778. children/heirs: Barsheba RICKETSON, Henry RICKETSON, Elizabeth FOSTER the wife of John FOSTER, Phebe ROACH the wife of Matthew ROACH, Catharine NICHOLS the wife of George NICHOLS, Patience RICKETSON, Mary MESSENGER the wife of Ezekiel MESSENGER, Frederick RICKETSON, Anna RICKETSON.

ii. GORDIUS RICKETSON, SR., b. Sep 1, 1735, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; d. Mar 1774, Craven Co, NC; m. (1) HANNAH RUSSELL, 1757, MA; b. Abt. 1735; d. Jul 17, 1772; m. (2) ABIGAIL ??, Aft. 1772.

Notes for GORDIUS RICKETSON, SR.: Family Data collection - births
Name: Ricketson, Gordius
Father: , Timothy Ricketson
Mother: Wilbur , Bathsheba
Birth Date: 1 September 1735
City: Dartmouth
County: Bristol
State: MA
Country: USA

Left will in Craven Co, NC. Sep 24, 1773 - Mentions wife, Abigail; sons: Jesse, Benjamin and Gordius; daughter, Bathsheba.

Grace W. Edes, author of William Ricketson and his Descendents states:

"Dr. Shadrach Ricketson affirms that Gordius Ricketson "died in the Revolutiionary War to the South." As there were no hostile movements in the South before 1774, the year of his death, we think he may have been killed while visiting his brother, Abednego, in Nova Scotia. The tradition handed down by Jordan Ricketson, to his daughter was that Gordius, and also his brother, Marmaduke, were killed by Indian hirelings employed by the British against the Continental troops. He said that one brother was killed in battle, and the other by a band who broke into his house and murdered him in his bed at night."


Surname not verified.

iii. JUDITH RICKETSON, b. Apr 26, 1737, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; d. Dutchess Co, NY.


The father of Judith's son, Abednego was probably a British Officer.

iv. BATHSHEBA RICKETSON, b. Oct 27, 1739, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; m. ARTHUR LIPSEY; b. Abt. 1740, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA.


In his will dated 1794 (proved 1795) of Jones County, NC, Authur mentions: wife, Bathsheba; sons, Rasco, Ricketson, Arthur, Lemuel, and Marmaduke; and daughters, Bathsheba and Hulda. Does not mention James and Timothy. They either do not belong to Arthur or they died before 1784.

Child of Arthur and Bathsheba Lipsy:
The Reverend Arthur LIPSEY was born, probably, in North Carolina. His parents were Arthur and Bathsheba (RICKETSON) LIPSEY, and he was most likely born in Jones County, N. C. His brother, Ricketson LIPSEY, Sr. (1764, NC--1855, SC), was also a preacher. He resided in Union Co., SC.

Rev. Arthur's wife was Margaret, or "Peggy" [surname not presently known](abt. 1775-1865). We believe we know two of the chidren from this marriage: Timothy R. (1796-aft. 1880) and Thomas S. LIPSEY. (1801-1863). Timothy R. LIPSEY lived much of his life in Chester. Thomas moved to Pickens County, Alabama.

v. ABIGAIL RICKETSON, b. Abt. 1740, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; m. GEORGE LATHROP, Abt. 1760, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; b. Abt. 1745, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; d. GA.

vi. MARMADUKE RICKETSON, b. 1741, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; d. Aft. 1785, Nova Scotia.


Marmaduke was reported by Grace W. Edes, author of William Ricketson and His Descendants provided the following history on Marmaduke:

"Marmaduke Ricketson may have been born before his parents left Dartmouth. He lived for a time at Augusta, Georgia, but between 1765 and 1770 accompanied his brother to Nova Scotia, where his son was born. He and his wife separated and he returned to the South, and must have taken part in the Revolutionary struggle, for on 3rd February, 1785, he was granted 287 1/2 acres on land "On Bounty" in Franklin County for service, being certified by Colonel James McNeil, and on 29 October 1789, he was further granted 17 acres of land in Richmond County, where he had previously purchased land, as the17 acres were bounded by his own domain. In 1786, his father left him ten shillings in his will. The tradition that Marmaduke Ricketson was finally killed by the Indians in Nova Scotia is corroborated by his grandson, the late Nicodemus Boyd Ricketson of Belair, Richmond County; there he must have gone back to Annapolis County, in middle life."

YEAR: 1795
PAGE: 19
Source Information:
Jeffery, Alice. Georgia Tax Index. Orem, UT: Ancestry, Inc., 1998.

vii. HULDA RICKETSON, b. Aug 14, 1742, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; d. Mar 18, 1820, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; m. JONATHAN WILBUR, Oct 29, 1761; b. Jul 7, 1741; d. 1826, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA.

viii. TIMOTHY RICKETSON, JR., b. 1745, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; d. 1805, Bardstown, Nelson Co, KY; m. (1) PRUDENCE FISHER, Abt. 1775; d. Bef. 1790; m. (2) MARY WILKINS, Abt. 1790; b. Bet. 1765 - 1770.


Timothy Ricketson's first wife was reportedly named Purdence with a surname of possibly Fisher. She has not been definately identified. Now I found this marriage listed in North Carolina:

Groom: Timothy Richitson
Bride: Marget Marshl
Bond Date: 01 Apr 1789
Bond #: 000059155
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum: 005080
County: Guilford
Record #: 02 375
Bondsman: Charles Terrell
** Also listed in Jones Co, NC.

Could Timothy's first wife be Margaret Marshall? In any case whether she was Margaret Marshall or Prudence Fisher she was the mother of Abraham and Joseph, Timothy's two oldest children.

Timothy Ricketson moved from NY to NC, and then on to Georgia before moving to Nelson Co, KY.  Timothy Rickerson served in Rev. War in Captain Patrick Carr's Co. of Rangers, Burke Co, GA 1781-1782.

From William Ricketson and His Descentants by Grace Williamson Edes:

On 15 Feb, 1785 he was granted 287 1/2 acres of land in Washington County, GA on bounty and on 8 Feb. 1785, he was granted 300 acres in Richmond county; on 21 Feb in the same year 50 acres more and again on 2 Aug, 1786, 200 acres in addition, all in the same county. Timothy Ricketson was a farmer and a tailor.

He died in Kentucky. He drowned in a freshet which took place at Bardstown, where he made his final home.

His second wife, Mary Wilkins is thought by some of the descendants to have come from New Orleans.

Some say that Timothy Ricketson was born in Dutchess Co, NY. His father moved from Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA to Dutchess Co, NY about 1747 it is most likely that he was born in MA.


1810 Nelson Co, KY. Listed as Maryl Rickerson - Males: (1) 0/10, (3) 10/16. Females: (1) 0/10, (1) 10/16, (1) 16/26, (1) 26/45.

In 1820 there's a Mary Richeson in Harrison Co, KY. Mary 45/+, female 16/26, male 16/26, male 10/16.

In 1830 this Mary Richeson is 70/80 with on male 20/30.

I think this Mary may be ours. In that case she was born 1750 - 1760 and died after 1830.

ix. JORDAN RICKETSON, b. 1746, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA.


In Grace W. Edes genealogy of William Ricketson and His Descendants, she describes the death of Jordan as follows: "About eight o'clock on the morning of the 18th (September, 1780) the British Troops appeared on the opposite side of the river (at Augusta, Georgia). The weakness occasioned by loss of men in the action and siege and by the desertion of those who preferred plunder to the honour and interest of their country, compelled the Americans to raise the siege and retreat about 10 o'clock, having sustained a loss of about sixty, killed and wounded; among the former were Captains Charles Jourdaine and William Martin ______; such of the Americans as were badly wouded, and not in a condition to be moved, were left in the town _____(and) fell into the hands of the enemy and were disposed of under the sanguine order of Lord Cornallis, in the following manner; - Henry Duke, John Burgamy, Scott Reeden, _____Darling, Jordan Ricketson and two youths, brothers of 17 and 15 years of age, named Glass, were all hanged." (Siege of Augusta, Georgia, by Hugh McCall, published a Savannah, 1816, Vol. II; pp 326-327. In the Will of Timothy Ricketson, Sr., the father of Jordan Ricketson, Timothy Ricketson, at the time of his death, gave to Jordain Ricketson, his grandson who is believed to be the son on Jordan\ Ricketson, all his land and stock, except that reserved for the wife of Timothy Ricketson.


x. MIRIAM RICKETSON, b. Abt. 1752, Dutchess Co, NY; m. ABIJAH PARKER; b. Mar 11, 1726/27, Groton, MA; d. 1780.


3. ABIGAIL3 RICKETSON (JONATHAN2, WILLIAM1) was born Apr 5, 1719 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA, and died Bef. 1765. She married HENRY WILBUR Jul 20, 1738, son of BENJAMIN WILBUR and ELIZABETH HEAD. He was born Aug 29, 1716.

Marriage Notes for ABIGAIL RICKETSON and HENRY WILBUR: - Family Data Collection - Marriages


i. ELIZABETH4 WILBUR, b. May 26, 1740; d. Mar 7, 1816; m. (1) PHILIP SISSON, Jun 16, 1757; m. (2) DAVID SHEPARD, May 11, 1770; d. Aug 31, 1788.

ii. JONATHAN WILBUR, b. Jul 7, 1741; d. 1826, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; m. HULDA RICKETSON, Oct 29, 1761; b. Aug 14, 1742, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA; d. Mar 18, 1820, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA.


4. JOHN3 RICKETSON (JONATHAN2, WILLIAM1) was born 1720 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA, and died May 8, 1794. He married (1) PHEBE RUSSELL Aug 23, 1744, daughter of JOHN RUSSELL and REBECKAH RICKETSON. She was born Aug 23, 1724, and died Nov 3, 1770. He married (2) SARAH WING Apr 4, 1776, daughter of JOHN WING and MARY TUCKER. She was born Jul 12, 1740, and died Feb 1825.

Notes for SARAH WING:

Previous marriage for Sarah - Morrell


i. DANIEL4 RICKETSON, b. Aug 19, 1745.

ii. ABRAHAM RICKETSON, b. Feb 28, 1746/47.

iii. REBECKAH RICKETSON, b. Feb 20, 1748/49; d. 1771.

iv. ZERVIAH RICKETSON, b. Jan 21, 1750/51.

v. PHEBE RICKETSON, b. Nov 5, 1753; d. Aug 1771.


Burial: Friends Graveyard, Dartmouth, Ma

vi. ABIGAIL RICKETSON, b. Dec 16, 1755; d. Dec 20, 1785.

vii. JUDITH RICKETSON, b. Apr 15, 1758; d. Jun 9, 1771.


Burial: Friends Graveyard, Dartmouth, Ma

viii. MARLBOROUGH RICKETSON, b. Sep 6, 1760; d. Abt. 1761.


Burial: Friends Graveyard, Dartmouth, Ma

ix. DEBORAH RICKETSON, b. Jul 11, 1761.

x. TIMOTHY RICKETSON, b. Aug 30, 1764; d. Nov 8, 1783.


Burial: Friends Graveyard, Dartmouth, Ma

xi. JOHN RICKETSON, JR., b. Jun 7, 1767; d. Sep 9, 1786.

Children of JOHN RICKETSON and SARAH WING are:

xii. JONATHAN4 RICKETSON, b. Sep 5, 1777; d. Jan 10, 1779.


Burial: Friends Graveyard, Dartmouth, Ma

xiii. HUMPHREY RICKETSON, b. Jan 10, 1779.

xiv. PHEBE RICKETSON, b. Aug 5, 1780.

xv. SARAH RICKETSON, b. Nov 5, 1782.

xvi. ABIGAIL RICKETSON, b. Mar 10, 1785.


5. JONATHON3 RICKETSON (JONATHAN2, WILLIAM1) was born Mar 1724/25 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA, and died Feb 21, 1772. He married MERIBAH WILBUR Oct 12, 1747, daughter of BENJAMIN WILBUR and ELIZABETH HEAD. She was born Aug 22, 1729 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MA, and died Nov 6, 1825 in Beekman, New York.


Jonathan Ricketson, of Crum Elbow, Nine Partners, Dutchess Co., N.Y., b. in early 1726 at Dartmouth, d. 21 Feb. 1772, probably at Great Nine Partners, N.Y.[78] He and his wife were direct ancestors of U.S. President Gerald Ford.[79] He m. 12 Oct. 1747 at Dartmouth, Massachusetts, Meribah Wilbur, b. 22 Aug. 1729, d. 6 Nov. or 6 Dec. 1825 at Beekman, New York, "in the 97th year of her age."

According to Grace W. Edes Genealogy of William Ricketson and His Descendants, Jonathan apparently moved to Dutchess County, New York within a year after his marriage, and on August 3rd 1749, he purchased 142 acres of land in the Great Nine Partners from his brother Timothy Ricketson. He was still there in 1763 when he sold 82 acres of the Great Nine Partners to Thomas Gage of Dartmouth.


i. RHODA4 RICKETSON, b. Aug 8, 1748; d. 1828; m. HEZEKIAH COLLINS; b. Dec 1, 1739; d. 1828.

ii. ELIZABETH RICKETSON, b. Sep 7, 1750.

iii. ELIZABETH RICKETSON, b. Sep 8, 1751; d. Nov 13, 1819; m. JOHN DORLAND, Jan 30, 1770; b. Feb 19, 1748/49, Hempstead, Long Island, NY; d. Jun 5, 1833, Adolphstown, Onterio, Canada.

iv. JONATHAN RICKETSON, b. Sep 9, 1753.

v. LYDIA RICKETSON, b. Dec 24, 1754; d. May 22, 1820, Solmesville, NY; m. (1) GILBERT DORLAND; b. Mar 10, 1746/47, Hempstead, Long Island, NY; d. Oct 26, 1774; m. (2) NATHANIEL SOAMES; b. Apr 5, 1754, NY; d. Sep 19, 1859, Prince Edward Co,.

vi. ROWLAND RICKETSON, b. May 1, 1757; m. MARY ??.


Mary Ricketson, wife of Rowland, to Oblong from Ninepartners, 14 of 3m, 1792.

vii. JONATHAN RICKETSON, b. Aug 17, 1759.

viii. ABNER RICKETSON, b. Jan 22, 1762.

ix. MARY RICKETSON, b. Sep 23, 1764.

x. SHADRACH RICKETSON, b. Sep 23, 1764, Union Vale, Dutchess Co, NY.


Shadrack Ricketson, (Clear of Marriage engagement), from Ninepartners to Oswego, 19 of 7m, 1821. 

At Oswego MM there is a marriage certificate for Shadrack Ricketson and Mary Barmore dated Sep 27, 1837.  Shadrach would be age 73 so this is probably a son or nephew.

xi. MERIBETH RICKETSON, b. Aug 7, 1777, Dutchess Co, NY.

Carrie Smith.
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