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Who is John Smith, Jr.?

    If you know this John Smith, Jr., E-Mail Me!

    When we first began researching, before we knew who the father of Thomas Ivey Smith was, we found John Smith, Jr. on the 1850 census record for Washington County, GA. married to Clarkey.  Then we discovered that Thomas' father was Joseph Duty Smith and we have never been able to tie in John Smith, Jr. but thought he was probably son of John Smith, son of Colby Smith.

    "Colby Smith and His Descendants" says: We believe that John Smith, Jr. on the 1850 Washington Co., GA Census #347, was the son of Thomas. (We cannot prove it.)  He was born ca 1810 m. ca 1835  Clarkey? (Smith).  Clarkey apparently was a member of Bethany Baptist Church during a part of the 1830's, for an entry for September 1, 1838 says she was dismissed by letter.  Then March 2, 1839 both John and Clarkey were received by letter.  However; Dec 16, 1843 shows an entry saying that Brothers Luis Smith and John Page were appointed to cite Brother John Smith as to why he does not attend conference.  January 20, 1844 minutes state that Brother Smith came forward and answered for himself.  Charges were brought against him for ill treatment and neglect of his family. He was Excommunicated!  Four years later in 1848, Brother Luis Smith made application for letter of dismission for Clarkey Smith!!  It was granted.  Speculation: Was Clarkey the daughter of Luis (Lewis) Smith?  John Page was his son-in-law.  Wouldn't it make sense for relatives to talk to a church member who had fallen into bad standing with the church?

John, Jr. and Clarkey Smith's children were: (from 1850 census)

Lettie J., b. 1835
Thomas J.  b. 1836
J. Lewis b. 1837
Isaac L.     b. 1838
Silas C.   b. 1839
James R.  b. 1840
Mary A.  b. 1847
William  b. 1850

We base the assumption that he is the son of Thomas on the children's names.  We could find no other record of his family after 1850 and do not have a clue about where they may have gone, or what may have happened to them.

That's the quote from "Colby Smith and His Descendants"

I decided to look for them and this is what I found:

1860 Wilkinson Co, GA.
#805 Clarkey Smith    48
        Silas Smith        18
        Robert Smith    16
        Mary A. Smith  12
        Alexander Smith 9
        Lewis Smith    21
        Letty J. Coalson  24
        James D. Coalson  8/12
        John Pickle     16

I think Clarkey and John are divorced or at least separated.
1860 Hancock Co, GA.
#598 Henry Fraley    30 Planter  8000    50,000 (Huge plantation!)
#599 Thos. Smith    23  Overseer
#600 John Smith    52   Overseer  (All three living alone)

1870 Pulaski Co, GA.
#551  Smith  Clarka        60
                    Mary A. H.  22
        Colson, Jas. D.         10
                    Westley A.     4

Looks like Lewis and Silas married Civil War widows.
Still in Pulaski Co, GA.
#441  Smith Lewis            32  Planter 1500  800
                 Amy A.          42
        Nesmith  Daniel W.  16
                    Simeon        12
                    John            10
                    Jarrett            7
        Smith James R.     3
                Mark A.         1

#442    Smith Silas        26    Cuts wood
                    Martha    30
            Heath Nancy    11
            Smith Martha A. 3
                    Clarke E.    1

In 1870 Robert (James R.) is still in Wilkinson Co, GA, Turkey Creek.  He is age 29, living alone and a clerk in a store.

1880 Wilkinson Co, GA.
#293    Smith Clarkey  65  either divorced or widow
                    Mary        32  daughter

#330  Smith William A. (Alexander) 30  timber hewer
                Mary        26
                Elizabeth  9
                Nancy       6
                Jane          4
               Clarkey      1

1880 Pulaski Co, GA.
#329  Smith Lewis   42
                Amy        50
               John        20
               Garret     18
               Robert    12
              Mark       10  Listed as F this time.  M in 1870
              Polly        8

Could not find Silas in 1880 (yet!).

Could not find Isaac L. after 1850.  Possibly died?

If you have any ideas PLEASE email me.



Carrie Smith.
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