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John Smedley

The following was transcribed and furnished to me by Melanie Atkins of Dalton, GA.  First is her transcription of the Diary of William Allen Melton born Dec 26, 1787.  Following the transcription is the actual diary pages.

To see an indenture where John Smedley bought land from James Hart and passed the land on to son, Thomas Smedley visit

Transcription of an Excerpt from the 1859 Journal of William Allen Melton
Born Dec 26, 1787 in Edgefield Co., SC
Son of RS William A. Melton, Sr., who was the son of Nathan Melton, Sr.
William Allen Meltonís mother was Williamís second wife Lucy Daniel Allen

 (Original is on file in Melton Family Folder in GA State Archives & Library, Morrow, GA)

(Original spelling Ė no editing.) 

 (Pg. 37 Contributed by Thomas M. Smedley, Sr.) 

Pg. 37: 

Thomas Smedley is the sun of John Smedley Born the 10 day of September 1767 your ant Naomy was the daughter of Nathan Melton and Nancy his wife and was born the 25 of December 1768 we was married the 14 of (October was crossed out) January 1790  John Smedley our first child was born the 16 of October 1790 William Smedley was born the 20 of June 1792 and departed this life the 8 of May 1794 Thomas M. Smedley was born the 16 of January 1795 Nancy was born the 5 of September 1796 Lucy was born the 17 of August 1798 Elizabeth S. Smedley was born the 5 of January 1801 Neoma was born the 4 of Sept 1803 Polley was born the 4 of Sep 1803 and departed the 8 of Sep 1803 James Milleg S was born the 21 of October 1805 Bulah was born the 5 of Feb 1808 Armsted B. S was born the 9 of March 1810 and departed this life the 10 of Nov 1828 John Smedley married Charlotta Skinner Nancey married Thomas Mosley and had fore children  

Pg. 37 continued on reverse side: 

Moseley died  She married Nathan Thrash Lucy married Mark Hudspeth Elizabeth married John Atkins James M. Smedley married Polly Williams Buley married Stephen Sanders.


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