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Abel Matthews
    Will Transcript

Will and Probate of Abel Matthews (with notes) 09 Jul 1872 Carroll Co., GA

In the name of God, Amen. I Abel Matthews of the county of
Carroll and state of Georgia being of sound and disposing mind and
memory do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby
revoking all wills hertofore made by me.
Ans First I commit my Soul to God who gave it . My worldly estate
I dispose of as follows:
Item 1 - I bequeath to my daughter Rhoda D. Weir my bed and bedding.
Item 2 - I bequeath to all of my lawful heirs the remainder of my
estate as follows - That all my land, stock, household and kitchen
furniture be sold and an equal division of the proceeds whereof be made
with each of them.
Item 3 - I hereby appoint B.M. Long of the county and state
aforesaid as my executor on this my last will.
In witness whereof I the said Able Matthews to this my will consisting
of the foregoing two sheets of papers have set my hand and seal this
ninth day of July 1872. Abel Matthews

Signed, sealed, published and declared by the above named Abel
Matthews as his last will and testament in presence of us who at
his request in presence of each other have subscribed our names
as witness thereto.
John W. Stewart
L.J. Smith
John W. Merrell

Carroll Court of Ordinary, July Term 1875.
Come into court at this regular term of the court, John W. Stewart
and L.J. Smith and being duly sworn depose that they saw Abel Matthews
sign and publish the within as his last will and testament while of
sound and disposing mind that they witnessed the same for him at his
request and in his presence and of each other and that the same was
executed voluntarily by him on the day it purporteth to have been executed.
John W. Stewart
L.J. Smith
Sworn to and subscribed before me in open court July term, 1875.
D.B. Juhan, Ordinary.

Carroll County Court of Ordinary, June Term, 1876
Present D.B. Juhan, Ordinary and J.T. Bedingfield, Sheriff. The
following business appearing upon the docket was taken up and disposed
as follows:
To the court of Ordinary of said county. The petition of B.E.Matthews,
administrator with the will annexed of Abel Matthews showeth
that he has fully discharged all the duties of such administration that
he has paid all the debts of said deceased Abel Matthews has turned over
the residue in his hands to the lawful heirs of Abel Matthews with the
exception of twenty six dollars and 60 cts. going to Elizabeth Warnick
and twenty six dollars and 60 cents to Abel Warnick and twenty six
dollars and 60 cents going to Patrick Warnick and fourteen dollars and
77 cts. going to Joseph Matthews.
He therefore prays the usual citation may issue requiring all parties
interested to be discharged from his administration and not be discharged
from his administration and while such citation is issuing his proceedings
as such administrator may undergo a thorough revision by this court or
some competent person appointed by it.
B.E. Matthews, Admin.

Carroll Court of Ordinary, June Term, 1876
It appearing to the court that the citation for a discharge of B.E.
Matthews from his administration of Abel Matthews estate has been duly
issued and published. And it also appearing to the court from a thorough
examination of all the proceedings of said B.E. Matthews administrator
of Abel Matthews estate (has been duly issued and published) that he
has fully and faithfully administered said estate and that the following
amounts still remain in his hands for which he cannot obtain a legal
voucher to wit: $26,60 belonging to Elizabeth Warnick, $26.60 belonging
to Abel Warnick, $26.60 belonging to Patrick Warnick, $14.77 belonging
to Joseph C. Matthews, $14.77 belonging to John W. Matthews, $14.77
belonging to Eugenia A. Matthews, the said persons all being minors
without guardians. And it further appearing that he is legally
entitled to a discharge from his administration subject to the order of
this court so far as to control the funds retained in his hands
mentioned above, and no objection being offered to his discharge.
It is ordered by the court that he be and his is hereby discharged
from his administration of Abel Matthew estate and that he be allowed
to retain in his hands one hundred and twenty four dollars and 11 cents
at four percent per annum, subject to the order of this court the
persons and amounts having already been particularized in this order
and that as evidence of this discharge letters of dismission issue.
D. B. Juhan, Ordinary


1. Abel Matthews, born 1792 in Laurens Co, SC; died abt. Jul 1875
in Carroll Co, GA. He married abt. 1821, Nancy (---), born abt.   (Nancy Couch)
1803 in SC; died bef. Jul 1875 in Carroll Co, GA.

Children of Abel MATTHEWS and Nancy (---) were as follows:
1. Rhoda Matthews, born abt. 1822 in Gwinnett Co, GA. She
        married Hugh N. Weir.
2. Benjamin Ezekiel Matthews, born abt. 1824 in Gwinnett Co,
        GA. He married (1) Mahala Beasley. He married (2) Mahaley Beasley.
3. James C. Matthews, born 1825 in Gwinnett Co, GA. He married
        Rebecca (---).
4. Elizabeth Matthews, born abt. 1826 in Gwinnett Co, GA. Not
        married in the 1850 census.
5. Julia Elitha2 Matthews, born abt. 1830 in SC, GA. She married
        Lindsey Matthew Warnick.
6. Nancy J. Matthews, born 1832 in GA. She married on 9 Aug
        1866 in Carroll Co, GA, A. G. Williams. Carroll County, Georgia
        Marriage Records
7. Sarah Matthews, born 1834 in GA.

Notes for Abel MATTHEWS

Will of Abel Matthews, Carroll Co, GA
IGI P0810 SC
IGI P0088 GA

1840 GA CENSUS, CARROLL CO, 714th Dist, p. 24
Abel Matthews
1 male 15-20
1 male 40-50
2 females 5-10
1 female 10-15
1 female 15-20
1 female 20-301 female 40-50

Abel Matthews bought land from Abraham Miles of Harris Co, GA. Lot 216,
5, 17 Nov 1841. Date of Ins. 26 Jan 1841. WD D 216. $100, 202 1/2 acres.

Abel Matthews to Benjamin E. Matthews, dist. 10, filed 24 Oct 1858,
Inst. 5 Oct 1858, Kind of Inst., WD, Bk. I, p. 140.

Abel Matthews to John Dean, Lot 216, Dist 5, 24 Jan 1844, Date of Inst,
31 Mar 1842, Kind of Inst. WD, Bk. E, p. 65.


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