The Story of my Life
Louise Virginia (Weir) Frasier

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Chapter XXII


fter Papa died, Mama must have had a hard time.  I always lived away, but I saw her and wrote to her and later talked to her on the telephone.  She’d finally managed to get that place in Flintville.  George William, Evelyn, Nora, and Elizabeth helped her financially.  Mary Will was always there for her.  Mary Will was Mama’s pet and I can see why.  You get what you give and Mary Will was good to her. 

 Linda Taylor, Louise, Margie, Mama Weir, Martha,

Evelyn, Tim Mcgee and Ike


                        When I moved to New Mexico in 1957, we went by to see Mama for an hour or two.  She was sitting in the front yard and I thought, I’ll never see her again.  But, a very few months later she wrote that Dora had come home with one baby and expecting another.  And so she lived thirteen years longer.  I’m so thankful that Dora went home,  sorry for Dora that she had to, but we all make mistakes and she’d made one.  I know it wasn’t easy for her to live with Mama and work to raise her kids, especially since some members of the family were jealous of her being there.  But thank you, Dora, Linda, and Tim for giving me
thirteen more years of Mama’s life.

Elizabeth, Comer, Evelyn, Buford, Dora, Louise,

Mary Will, Nora

Mama Weir, Lillian, George W.


Elizabeth was so good to Mama.  I want every one to know that I think Elizabeth Weir is what the bible would call a priceless pearl.  She’d give anyone her last bite.  Thank you for being you! 

George William, I have some nice memories of you.  And Buford, thank you and Comer for taking care of me, when you got me into trouble in the first place, ha!  Evelyn was the little lost lamb.  She got caught up in the middle between ten kids and had no real roots until she met Marius.  Nora’s my baby and Lillian’s my big sister.  I love all of you.